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Happy (belated) Christmas~~


christmasMERRY CHRISTMAS, my dear Aliens!!! Hope everyone had an awesome day with friends and family, and got to eat some good grub. Here are some Christmas photos of me and the Bunster that I am using as my Christmas card. She’s so cute, I just can’t help smothering her wit ma face. She probably doesn’t care for it, but I don’t feel bad one bit. And yes, there are cats on my sweater.

For Christmas, I made a short trip to Cheonan to spend some time with my parents. Here’s our family’s fake Christmas tree that we’ve had for years and years. :) We didn’t do a whole lot (my visit was too short to do anything really…), but we did eat some good food, and it’s always just nice to be with family.

Our christmas eve dinner was just various Korean dishes– nothing particularly Christmassy, but exactly the type of food I was craving.

Vegan soon-dubu jjigye. Delicious and my kind of comfort food.

As is probably the case for everyone this time of the year, things have been a bit insane with so much going on~ I didn’t even get to do a whole lot of fun Christmassy stuff this year, I was just super busy. I feel like it should be the weekend now, but it’s only Wednesday… ahh… I think I’m a little burnt out, but I’m taking a few days off from the bake shop soon, so I’m looking forward savoring the last few days of 2012 with minimal distractions. I plan on catching up on rest, reflecting on this past year, writing some new year’s resolutions, and catching up with friends who I haven’t had time to hang out with this past month. So I’m looking forward to that!

Ok, tata for now!

**~~~Merry Christmas~~~**


  1. those cookies are adorable. i especially love the oppa vegan style one :)

    i clicked pin it, but wasn’t able to..i think you flickr pictures are set on private.

    i’m also rather jealous of the cat sweater!

  2. im expecting that card in the mail!! :P i’ll excuse the late arrival just this time…

  3. Oppa Vegan Style! I love it!

  4. Oh~~~ Mipa, mipa, u are so pretty :)
    Those food u had on ur christmas is exactly the type of food I am craving. Im really adore of u, because u had a warm and cozy Xmas :)

  5. You’re so gorgeous Mipa! You should show your face in your blog more often >.< and of course bunny is beautiful too.
    Merry christmas!
    I wish I could have some of those witty gingerbread men with a big ol glass of cold milk right now ^^

    Lou ~x

  6. Yeap!!!! I absolutely agree to wat Lou mention above :)

  7. Really late Merry Christmas. You are really gorgeous and your bunny really sweet :3

    I wish you a happy new year, keep healthy and achieve all your goals

  8. I just got back from the High Street Market for the first time and I bought some of your cookies! I was so excited to try them and i have to say they were very delicious and basically sold out. my fav was the apple cinnamon jam cookies. they were so moist and just the right sweetness. so glad i went and got them!

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