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Mount Fishtail Indian Restaurant @ Cheonan


Whenever I’m visiting Cheonan and my family wants to eat out, we usually go to the same place… the vegan buffet. But recently we tried out Mount Fishtail, probably the only Indian/Nepalese restaurant in Cheonan. It’s gotten pretty good reviews from other expat vegetarians, so I wanted to check it out. My parents love Indian food and they like trying new ethnic restaurants so they came with.

We sat in this section in the corner of the restaurant. Love the colorful walls. :)

The menu wasn’t as vegan-friendly as I was expecting, but the meal was still tasty.

To start, we had some vegan papad tortillas which were deliciously spicy and peppery. Crunchy good.


Ubiquitous side of pickles and radishes.

Their nan bread is not vegan, and sadly they are not able to make any vegan nan or roti because the dough is all made with eggs and dairy. :( It sure looked delicious, fluffy, and soft though~~

So instead of nan, I filled up on this vegetable fried rice (Vegetable Briyani, 9,00won). This was yummy. I think it usually comes with paneer cheese cubes, but they left that out for us. It tasted a bit pineapply, and I usually don’t like pineapples in savory food, but I didn’t mind it this time~

The palak curry, minus the cheese and yogurt. It was okay. I’ve had vegan palak curries at other restaurants and I’ve never been disappointed, but this one for some reason didn’t quite hit the spot. Kinda one-note in flavor. I still enjoyed it, but compared to the other ones I’ve had, it was slightly sub-par.

Mixed vegetable curry.

Over all, I enjoyed my meal~ I thought the curries were slightly on the runnier side than I prefer, and their vegan options weren’t as good as some of the Indian places around Seoul, but I guess if you’re in the boonies like Cheonan and you have a craving for Indian food, this is the place to go. :)


Directions to Mount Fishtail
Cheonan Station, line 1, exit 1. When you come out of Cheonan station, walk straight towards the main road. Take the underpass to cross the road. Mount Fishtail is on your right hand side, on the second floor.

Phone: 041 555 3612.

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  1. Mipa! This is your blog?! It’s amazing! I’ve referred to this site many times for Vegan friends and it’s been you behind the scenes this whole time. Ha ha! Well done, my friend. Well done!

  2. wonderful blog! great write ups and beautiful pictures. i’ll be coming back for more.

    and your bunny is absolutely adorable.

  3. i read your blog and i like this fabulous pictures and story.i am waiting your next post.i also bookmark this post.

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  5. They have since updated their menu with more vegetarian curries… and I think their Dal Fry is vegan. It’s so delish!

  6. Mipa, you can now request a vegan naan at Mt. Mishtail and it is delicious!

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