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My little fuzzy snow ball


Happy Friday! It’s been a cold, snowy week here in Seoul~~ Hope everyone has been keeping cozy warm. I don’t have a whole lot to blog about today… just wanted to share some pics of Bunny. It’s been a while since she made an appearance on the blog so I want to reassure everyone that she’s fine and dandy.

I took her out in the snow to get some Christmassy photos.

But after a while she got so much snow on her head that her fur was getting all wet. :( So I took her inside and dried her off with a blow dryer. haha. Poor bunz. The things I do to try to get a pretty picture of her….

Making a ruckus on the bed. Rascal.

Now that it’s winter, maybe it’s time I put her in her cheesy Christmas sweater again? She will probably disapprove.

Dear Santa, I’ve been a good Bunny this year~~ I’d like a hip new sweater and some carrot chips pwease. 


  1. Aw, Bunny, you have been a very good bunny. Putting up with snowy outdoor photo shoots, keeping Mipa company, generally being cute …

    Mipa, your beige sweater looks chic and cozy. Glad you had time to relax after all you did recently. ;-)

  2. Bunny you’re sooo cute ♥~

  3. AWWW I always LOVE the Bunny photoshoots! and yes I totally needed an update on the bunz! Its beginning to start snowing here in Rochester, NY too, i love what snow does to a city. and i love drawing goofy smiley faces on car windshields and such. and ohEMGEE, I can’t believe your amazing fondant and cup caking and sheet caking output and skills for that big bakery expo last weekend! The penguins, esp. Steve Zissou, were totally killer. and a demo too! wohz. I thought your booth looked awesome, and it was great to see the others. Without your blog, I would be totally ignorant of the vibrant french bread and espresso/coffee culture in s. korea.

  4. awww Bun-Bun! So cute!

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