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Ice ice baby


On the last day of 2012, some friends and I got to check out the ice sculptures at the Namsangol Hanok Village. The installation was pretty small, but there were some cool sculptures and I never knew this hanok village existed right in the middle of Seoul.

A traditional hanok house made entirely of ice. Just a sculpture though, not functional, darnit.


New year’s eve dinner was pad thai jay at Wang Thai in Itaewon. A tad oily, but so yummy and the portion was huge. I’ve been to this restaurant so many times, but I’m still not sick of their food.

As part of my 101 List (#18, go to a museum), some friends and I went to check out the Tim Burton exhibit at SEMA yesterday. I loved the way they turned the whole museum into weird Tim Burton land. Spirals everywhere and monster characters in the windows. :) The exhibit itself though was really cool and it makes you appreciate all of his movies that much more. His work is so humorous, stylistic, and so full of personality I just love it.

You can’t really tell by this photo, but it was really busy inside. Even though it was a week day, there were a ton of people and it was a bit tough to get an unobstructed view of all the art. I still recommend going, but just go mid-week and early in the day rather than late afternoon.

oh you hipsters…

And now moving onto some vegan eats. I’m trying to eat more grains and beans these days…. I bought these sweet soysauce blackbeans at a mom n pop banchan shop in my neighborhood. This is one of my favorite side dishes that I should probably start making myself. Love the salty-sweet combo. The rice is a mixture of sprouted brown rice, millet, and quinoa.

A typical lunch…. A salad of quinoa-rice, mixed with random veggies, crushed gim, and sriracha hot sauce.

My latest order from iHerb~~ I stocked up on quinoa and got some baking ingredients. :) I love sending packages to myself…

I also had some sweet mungbean porridge at a small neighborhood cafe. When I don’t feel like working at home but it’s too cold to go anywhere far, I head to this small cafe near my house for some juk and coffee.

In closing, here’s Bunny admiring her own shadow. Fierce. It snowed on New Year’s Day, so I took her to the roof to celebrate the new year together. teehee. Speaking of snow… there is so much ice on the sidewalks these days, if I had a nickle for every time I almost slipped and fell on my ass, I’d be ballin’. Walk safe, my friends, walk safe.


  1. Aaaah, the bunny tracks! And she looks so cute in that position, just hangin’ out and standing on all four legs. <3 It seems unusual to see a bun in that position. Usually they're hopping or sitting up when I see them.

    I'd love to visit a traditional village again if I return to Korea. I adore traditional Korean architecture.

  2. Handsome hipsters though. I’d love to see that Burton exhibition, but I’m in rainy Germany.
    Do you have a rice cooker?

    • I think the exhibit is going around the world.. maybe they’ll stop at Germany! :)
      Yes, i use my rice cooker. Just a simple one, not a pressure cooker or anything.

  3. bunny in the city. love that photo :)

  4. Ah looks nice looking at the ice and snow. It so hot here. It was 40 degrees Celsius yesterday :/

  5. I have recently become obsessed with finding a vegan recipe for juk. Is most juk vegan in South Korea? Do you know of a good recipe?

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