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Is it only Wednesday? Feels like Thursday…


What’s with all the dreary, wet weather this week? It seems like it’s just constantly drizzling outside, and for some reason this week is just going by so slowly….. but then I realize it’s already the last week of January and then I get freaked out again over how fast time flies. Blaaarghhg. I dunno about you, but all that gung-ho energy and inspiration that came with the new year is gradually starting to fade. Maybe it’s the dull weather, maybe it’s just old habits starting to creep back, I dunno. But so far the 101 List is going pretty well and it’s doing its job in keeping me focused and motivated whenever I feel like I’m falling into a slump. I’ve also been slowly getting busy again and there are various projects/deadlines to meet, which is forcing me not to get too comfy. Anyway, other than work stuff and baking, my life is fairy uneventful lately, so here are some random eats from the past week:

I visited Cheonan last week… it looks like I won’t be going home for the Lunar New Year holidays, so our family had our get-together a few weeks early. My mom made a batch of mandu before I got there, and then she made mandu jeongol which was spicy and filled with sliced tofu, mushrooms, green onions, scallions, etc. It was like something you get a restaurant. So good.

We also fried some of the mandu up~ This. This is the kind of food that I crave.

We also made this delicious lotus root banchan. I LOVE lotus root so much, but it’s a little expensive to eat it all the time. I love its crunchy, starchy texture, the way it kind of tastes like potatoes, but more snappy. And ofcourse it just looks cool to eat. Recipe to come soon!

Battered and fried zucchini and sweet potatoes (goguma twigim).

More goguma twigim, and pan-fried lotus roots. It’s simple but it’s so good when dipped in some soy sauce.

I got to take some of my favorite people to Garobee in Gangnam for the first time~ I love introducing people to the amazingness of vegan buffets. :) *UPDATE March 11, 2014*** GAROBEE has closed. :(:(:(

I also got to hang out at a lovely new cafe called ‘Glamorous Penguin’. They don’t have soy milk on the menu, but I brought some soymilk myself and the barista there made this cute smiley-face soy latte! My friend Lilian took me because she’s a regular and she introduced me to the owner who is a gyopo Canadian-Korean baker who is suuuuper nice. We ended up just chatting for ages about baking and the joys and difficulties of running your own baking biz. :) There’s a chance she’ll add some vegan baked goods to the menu in the future, so it’s definitely a cafe to check out again!

Speaking of baking, yesterday I made this gluten-free chocolate cake for a customer and I’m kinda proud of how it turned out. :) I don’t do much gluten-free baking for myself but since I know people who are gluten-intolorant, I reckon it’s good for me to have a few recipes under my belt. And chocolate cake needs to be one of them. In Korea, since most powdered sugars have a bit of wheat flour in them, I can’t make 100% gluten-free buttercream frosting unless I use expensive imported organic powdered sugar. So instead of buttercream frosting, I topped this with chocolate ganache and dried and fresh strawberries.

I also made this three layer carrot-pineapple cake for Botton last week and topped it with some fondant carrot decorations. :) I like that the sides are bare cuz you get to see the layers, and plus it’s less work for me. ha. I have a similar recipe for this cake on this blog post.

You can kind of see some of the crushed pineapple sticking out here.

Well, that’s all the random eats for now~~ thanks for reading. :)


  1. That mandu jeongol looks sooooo tasty – do you know what she used for the stock?

  2. Yummy yummy!!!
    Mipa , love those food u have post in this blog , there made my hungry …and i want to try all the korean food quickyly…
    I love the carrot – pineapple cake and also the chocolate cake. May i know wat is ur special bake for this Lunar New Year or Valentine day pls?

  3. OMG THAT MANDU JUNGOL. Can you pleaseee ask your mother for the recipe and share it with us? I used to love jungols as a non-vegan, but only the broth (LOL). The best part is when you fry some rice with the leftovers…YUM! :)

  4. stop it stop it…i miss moms cooking!!! those carrots on your carrot/pineapple cake are too cute…its so sad that as your sister i rarely get to taste any of your baked goods!

  5. Can’t you just do the powdered sugar on your own by using normal sugar and blend it until its powder? Nice blog, even though not even vegetarian, not to talk vegan. ;-)

    • Well, I’ve tried blending it in my food processor and it just doesn’t get a fine as I’d like for buttercream frosting… it’s still ever so slightly gritty…:( Thanks for the comment! :)

  6. Reading your Blog makes me miss Korea even more

  7. Oh. My. Gosh. I can’t wait til I can FINALLY try one of your amazing looking goodies!!! I’ll be in Korea next month:-D

  8. My god the carrot-pineapple cake looks amazing! I could eat it all in one go! I love the little carrots!

  9. This entire blog post is making my mouth water! Everything from the homemade mandu to the carrot pineapple cake! You are nothing short of amazing with your culinary and blogging skills girly!

  10. Mipa!! I just stumbled upon your blog, Niceh. When u come out to Cheonan again it’d be nice meet up for coffee or grab a bite. How’s Angela? L8ers.

  11. omg i love the picture with the whole carrot cake :p

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