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Haetbbit Bueuk (Sunlight Kitchen) @ Hapjeong



There are so many cafes in the Hapjeong/Hongdae area that I’m sure nobody has any trouble finding a good spot to hang out. But if you’re looking for a super chill veg-friendly cafe that is also slightly separated from the main busy part of Hapjoeng, you can check out this Haetbbit Bueuk cafe (translates to ‘Sunlight Kitchen’). It’s been on my list of places to visit for over a year. I know… took me long enough, huh. And I call myself a food blogger.

So anyway, last week I dragged my friend Chris with me to check it out~! We were the only customers there and it was just really peaceful and calm the entire time. There was just one tiny older lady running the cafe and she was super kind and had a sweet serene quality about her. She’s the kind of person who might have all sorts of gems of wisdom to share.

I think she might be an artist because there were random paintings and busts on top of the bookshelf. The interior is pretty humble and simple… without much of the usual frills.

Handmade crafts for sale.

They also sell natural, homemade “Sunday Jams” that are completely sugar-free! Dunno how they do it, but it’s awesome.

The drink menu has things like pumpkin latte, adzuki bean latte, plum & citron tea, hot chocolate, and chai tea. Soy milk is also available to sub for dairy milk.

Since we went around lunch time, we were hungry and ordered food instead of drinks. Chris got the curry which was your average Japanese-style curry– nothing fancy but still tasty. It also came with a side salad. The serving wasn’t that big, but for it’s price, I think it was a decent value. Just good, simple, tasty food.

Holy steam~ I got the non-spicy vegan ramen and it was just what I was craving on this freezing cold day. I wasn’t in the mood for anything spicy and this was salty and flavorful, and the noodles were quite filling. I try not to buy ramen for myself at home, so it’s nice to be able to order a bowl of vegan ramen every once in a while.

I slurped up every noodle and enjoyed the salty broth too. Nyum. The radish kimchi is also vegan, without any fish sauce.

Their menu said they had vegan chocolate cake and we wanted to order that, but it wasn’t available when we went. Bummer. So instead, we went for the cookies.

There were two types of cookies available. One was a coconut cookie, and the other a chocolate chip-walnut. 700won each, 3 for 2,000won. Both were very dense and rustic. They don’t use much sugar or oil, so it was just a very simple, wholesome and natural cookie.

They weren’t like regular chewy cookies and they were a little like bricks, but in a good way! I just thought of them as elven lembas bread. hehe~ These healthy cookies satisfied that craving for something to have with my afternoon coffee. :)

Anyway, I really appreciated the kind service and tasty, simple food. Everything about this cafe is humble, simple, and honest. I reckon it’s a nice spot where you can get a veggie lunch and then spend the rest of your time sippin’ on some soy pumpkin latte. The cafe is in a bit of an odd location, on the other side of all the hubub of the main Hongdae area, but hopefully these directions will get you there:

Directions to Haetbbit Bueuk (Sunlight Kitchen)

Hapjeong Station, Line 2 & 6. Exit 2. Walk straight out the escalators and walk for 1 block. At the main intersection, cross the street and then turn left. Walk straight for about 7 minutes, cross an intersection, and then at the next intersection, turn right. There will be a convenience store on the corner. Haetbbit Bueuk will be on the first floor, in the second building.

Address: 서울 마포구 서교동 459-2
Phone: 02-338-3235
Hours: 10am – 11pm. Closed on Sundays
Naver map
more pics/info


    Here’s a nice lembas recipe :)

  2. Great review! I just love all the fun little places you find yourself wondering into :) If you ever need a buddy to tag along, I am your gal! Take care Mipa!

  3. This place is closed as of Fall 2013. It’s still a coffee shop, but under a new owner.

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