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Oops, it’s been a super long time since my last post…. There are quite a lot of things going on these days, and I tend to get silent and avoid blogging when I get a little stressed out…. But I do have a bunch of things I want to blog about so hopefully I’ll start getting to it! In addition to baking and doing businessy stuff and making connections, I’ve been obsessively playing Candy Crush on my phone whenever I have any free time. I probably spend way to much time on that, but I regret nothing….

Well, now that the weather is getting warmer, I guess it’s time to start coming out of my hole of hibernation. I basically spent all of Saturday doing some major spring cleaning. I gave my patio a good sweeping and I’m gonna have to set up my patio table again so I can spend more time on my balcony. I’m anticipating many hours spent reading out there with some lemon ice tea and Bunny by my side. So looking forward to spring!

Anyhoo, I present to you some random things I baked and ate over the past week or two:

Here’s a carrot cake I made for Botton. Decorated it with little gingerbread flower cut-out cookies.

Soy chai latte at Botton, along with a slice of vegan lemon cake with cashew cream icing and pistachios.

Last weekend I went to a pizza potluck at a friend’s place~ Everyone was assigned to bring a topping like onions, mushrooms, peppers, pepperoni, tomato sauce, etc. And what did I bring? Smoky tempeh bacon strips yo! Someone else brought regular bacon, but as the lone vegan in the group, I thought I’d weird everyone out with some vegan bac’n. Some of the guys there had never tried tempeh before and I don’t think they were big fans after a little taste…. I don’t blame them. It took me a while to get used to the taste of tempeh when I first went veg. (You can buy tempeh at the Foreign Food Mart in Itaewon.)

Here’s the tempeh on my veggie pizza. My friend Sonia made the dough (her first pizza dough attempt ever) and it was so great! She said she used this recipe here. It was light, fluffy, but it also got nice and crispy on the edges. I’ll definitely be using it if I ever make pizza in the future.

For dessert, I took this strawberry cashew tofu cream pie. It was similar to a raw pie, except that there was tofu in it too.

I would share the recipe, but it didn’t quite firm up the way I was hoping and it was rather messy to cut into. But it still tasted pretty good and it was a fun experiment. I’ll keep working on the recipe and hopefully share it later. :)

I also recently went to Suji’s in Itaewon for brunch. The last time I ate at Suji’s was ages ago when I was vegetarian (not yet vegan), and  I think I ordered their omelette. So when I went this time, I wasn’t sure what they would have in terms of vegan fare. Sadly, the options were slim-pickins. I kind of assumed that they would have a few more veg*an items, but in the end, my only option was to get a greek salad (13,000won), without the cheese. :( Man, someone needs to open up a super vegan-friendly brunch spot in Seoul. Vegan pancakes, waffles, vegan bacon and sausages. Anyone?

I’ve been trying to eat more fresh veggies lately, mostly in the form of salads. Eating lots of vibrant fresh green veggies makes me feel more happy and positive about life. Corny I know, but it’s true. In this salad, I cut some tempeh up into little bac’n bits, and threw them in. My new favorite way of eating tempeh.

Another salad with lots of tofu ranchy dressing (similar recipe here)

Lunch at Wang Thai. I always order the same thing when I go there… the pad thai jay. I should step out of my comfort zone for once. sigh.

Here’s a random breakfast: a thick banana/chia ‘pudding’ blended with wheat grass powder. I then topped it all with puffed rice, choc chips, raisins, and a drizzle of molasses.

On Friday, I bought a loaf of whole grain & seed bread from May Bell Bakery. It’s super dense and loaded with different seeds and also some anise seeds. I love this bakery so much.

Enjoyed it with some almond butter and raspberry jam.

Check out these huge dried persimmons, at my neighborhood market~~ Now that persimmon season is long-over, I bought a few of these half-dried variety. They are rather pricey, but so good.

Oh, and here’s my latest iHerb order~! Vitamin B supplements, sorghum flour, wheat bran, and a bag of pop chips because it doesn’t add much to the shipping weight. :) If anyone is new to iHerb, use my coupon code MIP268 to get $5-10 off your first order.


  1. The lemon cake with cashew creme frosting looks to die for. I need to take time to bake a cake again. I haven’t eaten one in forever, I tend end up going for chocolate because it’s just easier. x_x

    Love the idea of a pizza potluck! Too bad your friends didn’t take to the tempeh…

    I’ve doing lots of salads lately myself, often chopped cabbages/crated carrots and some nuts (sunflower, hazelnut), plus whatever random other thing I find in the fridge. Have done the tempeh in salad too, it’s definitely one of my favourite ways to eat it. I’m thinking making two salads from Café Fernando next, this one (which I’ve made before) and this one

    Ahhh, those persimmons! Look so yum!

    • Hi Alua! yayyyy, bake a cake!! and thanks for the recipe links. I’m gonna have to add them to my repertoire. :) Have a good one!

  2. Someone needs to open a Vegan brunch spot in Seoul..? Um, I can’t think of anyone better for the job, Mipa!! I’d be there in a heartbeat :)

  3. I like your Random Eats posts, because they give me ideas for my own meals (and reasons to look forward to my next Seoul visit, hehe)! Sometimes I get in a rut using the same ingredients, but then your pictures remind me that strawberries (or kabocha squash, or persimmons, etc.) are in season here again!

    • thanks Amanda! thanks for enjoying my random eats posts! Sometimes I wonder if people get bored seeing similar food pics…

  4. YES!!! I had no idea they finally had tempeh in Korea! Currently planning my next Seoul trip and how I’m going to bring back a couple months worth of the stuff.
    I’m really surprised that your friends didn’t enjoy it. That’s the one thing my non-veg boyfriend will eat because he prefers the texture more than that of tofu. Also usually you can find a bunch of delicious flavors back home.
    So excited! Thanks for making my morning!

    • Yea, at first I wasn’t a fan of tempeh… i think it was the slightly sour taste… but now i love it as much as i love tofu. Definitely stock up when u come to seoul!

  5. That bread (with the almond butter and jam) looks phenomenal. I’ve been trying to find a dense, whole wheat, textural, and seed-y bread in Korea. Usually the exterior has a lot of seeds and the inside is just too fluffy like white bread. It doesn’t have that bite and texture like a good, whole grain/wheat bread should have.

  6. Your carrot cake with cashew cream looks scrumptious! The little cut out flower cookies are super cute! I wish I could try some of the stuff you make. Mind opening up a vegan bake shop in Hawaii? There are no vegan bakeries in Hawaii. I think you’ll be terrific!

    • Thanks Madonna~ Actually, the carrot cake has buttercream frosting, not the cashew cream. :) Man, I would LOVE to open a shop in Hawaii! What a dream~~ :P

  7. lol…so funny! I just got hooked on Candy Crush a couple of days ago and I am stuck on level 17 now!!!! I second the love on the random eats posts for inspiration in putting my meals together. I love love love your creamy tofu ranch dressing recipe (I started adding dried dill weed to it) and use it all the time!

    • THanks so much Sylvia!! I’m on Level 83 right now… haha. totally addicted.

      • holy shiznet – level 83! btw, i use soondoobu in my ranch dressing recipe.. it moves easier in the blender and it’s cheaper too!

        • I’m on level 107 now. hahaha. oh, and yea sometimes I use silken tofu too~~ :P

          • Ok, I am seriously stuck on level 30 now. haha! Do you play with buy ins cause I can’t see how I can finish this level without! Also, I made this new dressing kinda adapted from your tofu ranch dressing recipe: 150g silken tofu (excess liquid drained overnight), 2 tbsp ketchup, 1 tbsp mustard, 1/2 tsp onion powder, 1/2 tsp garlic powder, 1/4 tsp chili powder, 1 1/2 tbsp rice vinegar. The taste reminds me of catalina dressing and it’s pretty yummy!

          • No, i don’t use buy-ins…. i’m too cheap to spend money on a game. haha. I just spend lots and lots of time….. ohdeargod, I have no life.

            ps. thanks for the recipe! sounds so good.

          • haha i’m too cheap too and i do not want to buy in but i am still stuck on level 30! dang, i need to step away from the candy crusher!

  8. Oh my, that carrot cake looks amazing! I love to bake, but nothing has come out that great looking. I’m going to keep trying and I haven’t had carrot muffins/cake for a long time.

    • Aw thank you Sarah! My cakes aren’t anything fancy really… Most of the time, i can’t even be bothered to frost the sides. ha. Keep practicing though, and you’ll get better for sure! :)

  9. The strawberry tofu cream pie looks divine! Please do post the recipe when you perfect it.
    Also do you have any recipes for tofu frosting that you could share? I am helping a cafe in Changwon add vegan cupcakes to their menu and they want to use more local and inexpensive ingredients in their products—so cashew icing is a no go.
    Keep the food posts coming, never get sick of looking at food porn!

  10. I missed your posts! Ever since I discovered your blog (not too long ago), I’ve been checking it out daily to check for new posts. So glad to find a new one!
    And I third that comment on your random eat posts.. you seriously inspire me to go vegetarian (for now). Still quite diff to adjust since my husband loves to eat meat.. and I’m still working on letting go of samgyeopsal.
    But I have switched to eating more grains and you certainly inspired me to start baking. I have had 2 attempts so far and my 2nd one wasnt too bad at all (Chocolate chip cookies)
    Really looking forward in your updates x

    • I think that’s great that you’re gradually going veg! Just do the best you can, and don’t put too much pressure or stress on yourself~~~ :) Thanks for your comment and support!

  11. OOHHH! Those dried persimmons look amazing!!!

  12. Seriously, that carrotcake made me drool! Looks insanely good, love the cute cookies as well. Details ♥

  13. Wow, tempeh, i didn’t expect you know it. That”s my favorite food, i always make tempeh fries or tempeh ketchup. And your strawberry cashew tofu cream pie really make me drooling, ouch if i live near with you, i will always have full stomach. hehehe. And have a nice day and spring time!

  14. haha I love your blog !
    I’ll definitely try jack’s bean. thanks for introducing 맛집s!

  15. what a lovely carrot cake! >_<

  16. I love lemon cake with cashew butter icing! I love it with some blueberries in it especially.

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