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Another week has come and gone~


So apparently we’ve jumped right into summer… totally skipped spring. I’m definitely not a fan of the sticky summer humidity in Korea, so I’m bracing myself for some uncomfortable months ahead~ But there are also a lot of cool things that will be happening over the next month or so, so maybe that will distract me from the heat. I have a semi big update to share, but for now I’m gonna string you guys along and keep you guessing. And just to eliminate a few options, no, I’m not leaving Korea, getting married, or anything truly life-altering like that. So let the speculation begin…. :)

Anywayyyy. Before summer really hits and all I want to do is stay inside and blast AC on my face, I’ve been trying to spend as much of my free time outside, going to the park, hanging out on my patio or rooftop, and working at cafes rather than at home. And this weekend I’m going with 13 other Botton family/friends to Jeju island for three days! One quick vacay before things get real crazy. We’ll be flying there this Sunday and coming back on Tuesday. I’m hoping to de-stress and clear my head a bit. I’ve been to Jeju a few times before, but those trips happened ages ago so I think it will be a totally different experience this time, and ofcourse going with 13 other people will certainly be an adventure. I’ll try to post pics on the FB page or twitter~~

Anyhoozy. I went to Boramae park again this week and just hung out on the grass. I just love the feeling of grass in between my toes!! There was free wifi in the park so I was able to get some work done right there on my laptop too. Korea’s so connected…. I probably should unplug myself from the matrix more.

Doing some random doodling. I miss drawing…. I haven’t drawn anything in so long because I’ve just been so focused on baking lately. Booo.

My friend and I were busy getting some paperwork done at MayB cafe (love the windows). She was helping me with some English-Korean translation~~

Lunching at Ahn Hyun Pil buffet. It’s not the best vegan buffet by a long shot, but it’s got the basics and just simple good Korean food. I wouldn’t mind eating there every day.

Just a bunch of namuls and mushrooms~

botton mint cake
Made this chocolate-mint cake for Botton a while ago but didn’t post it~

One of my favorite breakfast foods lately: green banana smoothie with lots of cacao nibs and walnuts on top! And occasionally I’ll have oatmeal.

I was running some errands in Hongdae and saw this pimped out car that looks like a wind-up toy. haha. There is definitely no shortage of cool things and hip people on the streets of Hongdae!

While in Hongdae, I got to hang out at TaiLor Coffee~ I brought some soy milk with me and they made a yummy iced soy coffee for me. If you go during the week, you can get vegan muffins, and on weekends vegan cake, provided by ADO bakeshop~~ :)

And what’s a blog post without some Bunny pics? She’s in major shedding-mode right now, in preparation for the hot summer. I wish I could just shave her like a poodle, but then she wouldn’t look cute. hehe.

Like a typical bunny, whenever I put her on her back, she goes into a little trance. And then I get to wave her little stiff arms about like she’s directing traffic.

Have a good weekend everyone~ I’ll be heading to Jeju-do tomorrow and I’ll be back in Seoul on Tuesday. Ta ta~!!


  1. Your bunny is SO cute, I want to squeeze her!

  2. Awesome, vacation and going to Jeju will be great. Have a safe flight, have fun and enjoy your vacation 미파 님!^^

  3. Are you opening a bakery/cafe?

  4. My guess is that your opening your own store front!

  5. You’re writing a book!

  6. I agree – you’re opening your own store right???!!! I hope so! I miss your treats! xx

  7. I just saw that car this morning. I LIVE ON THAT STREET! If you ever want to explore Hongdae cafes together, please let me know!! I have a crazy schedule but you seem to be in my neighborhood a lot, so I’d love to meet you if you have time. If you shoot me an email I can give you my contact information.


  8. What is the pink sauce on your buffet plate?

    If you’re opening your own bakery/cafe, and if you need any bakers, I’d love to stay in Korea a while (never been before) and help out!

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