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Cafe Mashil book event & random eats!


Last week Botton cafe hosted a book launching party for Jaebom Shim, author of a coffee travel book ‘Cafe Ma-shil’. He worked for an airline and got to travel around the world and visit some of the best coffee shops and roasteries, so he compiled them all into one fantastic book. Looking through it makes me want to travel again and go cafe-hopping. It was a big honor to be a part of this author’s book event and he seemed really excited about the vegan desserts too. :)

Because the event was at Botton, Yona and I got to cater the event with our desserts. I made carrot cake, earl grey cake, red velvet cake, chocolate cookies, coconut macaroons, and lemon drop cookies.


The red velvet cake didn’t turn out as well as I had hoped and it was a bit messy to arrange with the frosting. I hope people still enjoyed it though~

Yona made almond florentines, and her beautiful strawberry pie, egg-orange tart, and deep dish quiche. And Botton provided all the coffee and drinks. The spread was quite a sight!

The awesome Botton crew hard at work.

Another lady also provided some savory food like homemade kimbab rolls, fried dumplings, and salad. At the start of the event, the author gave a speech and all the other noteable attendees introduced themselves before everyone dug in. :)

People hanging around outside once it got too crowded inside. So many fancy people~ :) I’m so glad the event went well, and I wish nothing but big success for Jaebom Shim and his book!

And now onto some daily random eats:

I’m still making green smoothies, and even more so now that it’s basically summer. This one was made with a banana, orange, almond milk (a special treat I ordered from iHerb), wheat grass powder, chia seeds, cacao nibs, cinnamon, and some ice. Deliciously refreshing, especially right after a workout.

Made a last-minute, one-day trip to Cheonan over the weekend and my parents and I went out for dinner at this countryside Korean restaurant. They had boribab (barley rice), and a bunch of banchans– my favorite kind of restaurant.

I always want multiple servings of all the banchans… but sometimes I feel bad about asking for banchan refills, even though most places are fine with it.

Cold mook soup

Barley bibimbab.

I also recently got lunch at a new Thai restaurant by Shinnonhyun station. They didn’t have many (if any) veggie options, so I asked them to make a vegan pad thai for me with just a bunch of veggies. It was about half noodles and half sprouts! hehe. Tasted pretty ok… but drowning in a bit too much oil though.

Found this new veggie ramen by Nongshim! I was so surprised to find it at my small neighborhood convenience store, because usually you can only get vegan ramen at big stores like Emart or Homeplus! It’s great that this is becoming more widely available, even if it isn’t the most healthy thing to buy.

Nongshim has (or had? not sure if they pulled it) another vegan ramen, but this one is different in that the noodles have not been fried, and it is much fewer calories. It will make you feel a little less guilty about eating salty junk food. :)

Ingredients label. The warning section says it was made in a facility that also processes buckwheat, peanuts, seafood, pork, milk, eggs, and tomatoes. It’s made by Nongshim, so this isn’t surprising.

Here it is all cooked up. I added the tofu and zucchini~ The ramen was just what the doctor ordered. :P

This month’s issue of Bakery Monthly magazine. My contribution is a hummingbird cake with coconut-brown rice topping and walnuts.

I have also been trying to help my friend find forever-homes for the kittens that he rescued from the street a while back. They have grown up a lot and are just so cute and full of energy. Out of 6 total, 4 have already been adopted and there are just 2 left, waiting for someone to take them home. If you or anyone you know is interested, shoot me an email! aliensdayout at gmail dot com. Just think of all the hilarious cat photos and videos you can post to reddit. Instant karma, yeah!

Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur~ happy kitty, sleepy kitty, pur pur purr~~


  1. really wanna try ur carrot cake :p

  2. The kitties are adorable! Out of curiosity, has the mom been adopted yet? I hope the remaining kittens get adopted together :3

  3. All looks so good. Love the smoothie and the idea of the barley bibimbap. I’ve been making mixed grain bibimbap (regular rice plus red rice plus millet usually), and barley sounds like another good choice.

    The food from the countryside restaurant… oh my goodness. That looks so tasty!

    Super-cute kitties! Hope they find a home soon.

  4. Wow!! I’m so glad that there are more vegetarian/vegan options appearing in Korea. I can’t wait to go back to korea soon and explore all these places you’ve introduced in your blog <3 thank you!

  5. ah it all looks sooo goooooddd (now i’m hungry)

  6. Hey Mipa! I bought the same ramen, but my Korean friend told me it might have meat seasoning (양파콘소메맛분 =something about consomme, which I thought contained meat?) and 육수맛조베이스 (is that meat broth?). Hopefully it’s just flavoring and not actual meat!

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