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TaiLor Coffee & vegan cakes @ Hongdae


*UPDATE Fall 2013* ADO is not longer selling vegan cakes at TaiLor Coffee. You can now find ADO vegan bakeshop at PLANT in Itaewon.

This post is way overdue~~ I’ve been meaning to blog about one of my fave cafes in Hongdae for ages. You guys might remember last year I blogged about a hip little coffee shop called ‘Forest Coffee Roasters.’ Well near the end of last year, the owner closed down that shop and reopened his cafe & roastery in a new location, under a brand new name: TaiLor Coffee.  It has the same roaster, same barista, and same delicious coffee, but it’s got a completely different vibe from the previous Forest shop. It’s classy, sharp, and so much more spacious.

Interior shot.

The coffee shop is in the half-basement, and then directly above it is where all the roasting goes on~ There is even an open area that is the perfect place to chill and be productive when it’s nice outside~

Hard at work. Everyone here is super kind and friendly, and they also understand English so don’t be shy to ask them questions to get exactly what you want. :)

The menu board. Lattes, flat whites, dutch coffee, and more. It’s Hongdae, so the prices are steeper than average… you just gotta think of it as paying extra for the hang-out spot. And you get 2,000 discount if you get it to-go. There is no soymilk option on the menu yet, but I’ll let you know if they add it.

In addition to the change of location and name, here’s another exciting big change: they are now selling ADO vegan cakes!! :) Yup, so now in addition to Botton in Itaewon, you can now get cake in Hongdae, at this lovely coffee shop. I’m incredibly grateful to them for wanting vegan desserts, over all the other omni options out there. It means a lot~ :) *UPDATE Fall2013* ADO is not longer selling vegan cakes at TaiLor Coffee. You can now find ADO vegan bakeshop at PLANT in Itaewon.

Vegan earl grey tea cake.

Vegan lemon blueberry cake, half-eaten. :) The dessert/cake flavor will change day-to-day, but hopefully there will be a steady supply of vegan cake every day of the week.

Ice Americano and a baggie of ground beans (Purple Rain blend) for me to enjoy at home. Delicious.

The bossman who does all the roasting and when he’s available, he’ll pour you a delicious cuppa joe too~

Here’s the barista John, looking scruffier than usual. I made him pose for all his fans out there. If you want your coffee brewed by this handsome face, go to Tailor coffee.

Cold brew, their tasty dutch coffee.


Directions to TaiLor Coffee:
Hongik University Station, Line 2, Exit 8. When you come out the exit stairs, turn right and walk straight. Turn left at the small roundabout, crossing the street so that you are on the sidewalk. Walk to the next roundabout and turn right, after the bbq restaurant on the corner. Cross the street and walk up (slightly uphill) for two blocks. At the second block, turn left into the alleyway (there is a realtor agency on the corner) and then make the first right, after Sim’s Tapas restaurant. The cafe will be on your left. 5 minute walk from station exit.

Check website for more info

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  1. The Earl Grey cake is perfect :3 When you have a cake that has a strong flavor like that, do you usually make the icing more subtle? Was it hard to master the perfect vegan icing?

  2. Hi! I am so glad that I’ve found your blog.
    I am studying overseas but every summer I go to Seoul and spend time with my unnis.
    I’ve recently turned into vegetarian and your blog is very resourceful for my trip this summer ^^
    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  3. i gotta check this place out!,,

  4. Woww I’ve never been to a cafe that was in a half-basement before! I can imagine how interesting it would be to see people’s feet walking by instead of heads. Your cakes look delicious as always, I’d love to visit this cafe someday!

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  7. Have you tried the v60 (pourover) ? How is it ?

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