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Fell+Cole Gastronomic Ice Cream @Hongdae (New Location!)


Yay!! Fell + Cole ice creamerie is back in its old stomping grounds, Hongdae~!! Fell + Cole is already well-loved by everyone, and some of you vegan readers might remember that I had a vegan bake sale there last year at the old location. After they opened a stall in the Galleria department store in Apgu and had to close their small hongdae shop, I really missed their presence. I hardly ever go to Apgu these days, so they felt really far away. But now there’s a sparkly brand new shop and that means vegan sorbet! And just in time for the dreaded summer heat.

The one and only Tristan, who is the owner and mastermind behind all the ice cream flavors. I think some visitors (especially natives) get confused and think that there are two owners because they think ‘Fell’ and ‘Cole’ are people’s names, but they’re just two street names in San Francisco, which is where Tristan used to live~ I love SF and it makes me happy to see little homages to the city.

I love the interior because it’s so bright, immaculately clean, and refreshing. It FEELS like an ice-cream shop should— a blast of cool.

Little signs of SF everywhere, like the postcards with the different SF districts~

The best spot is definitely the tables and cushy chairs by the front. The shop is so pretty and such a stark difference from the old F+C shop, which was a humble hole in the wall with hardly any sitting space~ It’s great to watch a business expand and take things up a notch.

Fell+Cole isn’t a vegan (or even vegetarian) ice-creamerie, but they usually have at least one vegan option, so there’s something for everyone. When I went, there was vegan blueberry-banana sorbet in the fridge, but he also had a secret stash of grapefruit champagne sorbet with candied orange peel, which he was updating the recipe for. I was more than happy to be his taste-tester. Some of my favorite sorbets is the Szechuan pepper & red wine sorbet, and the lemon sorbet.

Desserts from Oliver Sweet.

Since it’s Hongdae, there are plenty of hip, stylish, and also some celebs (if you’re lucky) who stop by the shop. When we were there, one of the singers from 2NE1 came in with her entourage. I didn’t recognize her but found out after she left that it was her~~ typical of me to not recognize Korean celebrities.

You can get a small cup, or a pint. They’ve also recently added ice cream sandwiches~ too bad it’s not vegan though.

The grapefruit champagne & orange peel sorbet. The grapefruit pairs so well with the boozy champagne and the candied orange peel adds a chewy texture and a little bitterness as well. If you’re not a fan of bitter flavors, this may not be your choice, but I really liked that it wasn’t super sweet and it felt very refreshing and clean.

The texture isn’t icy at all, but rather a little sticky/creamy, if that makes any sense. It’s lovely– you just gotta try it for yourself.

Hanging out with Tristan.

Directions to Fell + Cole, Hongdae

Sangsu Station, Line 6, Exit 1. Come out the exit stairs and turn around and begin walking towards Hongik Univ. Turn left into the very first small alleyway, maybe one building after the exit. Follow the exit as it goes curves and goes downhill. As the alleyway meets a T-section, Fell + Cole will be on your left. You can’t miss it. 3-minute walk from the station.


  1. I thought about ice cream yesterday. And well done, mipa-nim, now, i think about it again. It’s hard to find handmade ice cream here, easy to find pabric made one. Because it’s still rainy, i should hold my hungry over it, till the weather become warmer. And mipa-nim, you make my “have to visit list in korea” become longer. Hehehe.
    Btw, I find similiarity between you and i, i don’t recognise my country celebs, when they are in front of me, it takes out long time for me to remember that they’re popular person hehehe.
    Good night!

  2. MMMMMM!

    I had the same sorbet!! It was so refreshing and a nice change from the usual flavors I make at home.

    I’ve also had the strawberry cinnamon sorbet…It’s so nice to enjoy such unique flavors :)

  3. This place looks amazing! I think I’ll take my girlfriend there on Saturday. It’s really starting to get hot now…

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  5. If you would like to try Italian Gelato in Seoul, Gusttimo is also a great place to visit~
    They newly opened in Itaewon, exit 3 just next to the kebab shop.
    :) just visit and try different flavors of the gelato~~

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