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Jeju-do Trip!


So I’m back from my short Jeju trip and I had an awesome time. I’d been to jeju 3 times prior (i know, right?!) and done most of the touristy things, but this trip was totally different in that we hardly did anything touristy. It was also raining cats and dogs most of the time we were there, so we only got to enjoy some sights on the very first day. I actually didn’t mind too much~ I don’t really want to be all active when I’m on vacation anyway. I just want to eat, sleep, play and talk, and eat again. Ya know? And that’s basically what we did. Save for a quick visit to the green tea fields and museum, and the Innisfree superstore, we pretty much just hung out at the guest house, cooked and ate tons of food, giggled and belly-laughed a lot. Here are a bunch of photos of the trip with minimal words:

It was a very short 50-minute flight from Kimpo to Jeju. I brought some cherries on the plane for us to enjoy~ My first fresh cherries of the year.

Once we arrived, we rented two SUVs for our big group of 13 people~~ Road trippin, yeah!


On the way to the guesthouse, we stopped here~ words can hardly describe how happy I was to feel sand inbetween my toes.

Tons of seaweed every where. Let’s make miyuk-guk!


jeju beach
*Cue the beach montage music*

A random spread of garlic cloves drying in the sun~

We stayed at the ever-so-relaxing 수상한 소금밭 게스트하우스 (Mystery Salt Guesthouse). We had the whole place to ourselves, so we pretty much took over everything. There wasn’t much around it except for some farms so the whole area was super peaceful and quiet.

Countryside view in the morning

jeju cafe
The cafe/lounge area. We basically hung out in this room most of the time when we were there and it was like being in our own house or living room. If you ever visit Jeju, I highly highly recommend this guest house. The owners are sooo lovely and the whole place is super clean, modern, chill, and cozy.

At the guesthouse, there was this momma dog and her puppy!

jeju puppy2
I fell in love with that puppy…. so floofy and huggable. He was ridiculously cute and just wanted cuddles and belly scratches every time I got near him. I soooo wanted to just smuggle him back to Seoul. I miss this little guy~ waaaaah!


jeju dinner prep
For our first meal in Jeju, we prepared a big Korean bbq outside. Here’s Yona, Botton bosslady, and Etoffe getting busy in the kitchen.


jeju dinner bbq
Barbequing veggies on one grill and meat on the other. Too. much. fooooood.


Talking way late into the night with drinks and snacks.

jeju message

The guesthouse owner made us breakfast one morning. Lovely salad with tofu, tomatoes, and melon. Coffee and OJ too, naturally. Others also got cream soup and milk bread toast. It’s so awesome waking up and having someone else make breakfast for you. Everything tastes better when you didn’t have to make it.

The best thing about going on a trip with cafe people is that there is an endless supply of great coffee~ Botton brought beans and also dutch coffee, and I brought my own soymilk. Collaboration, yeah!

On the second day, the weather was crap but we made the most of it.

jeju GirinR
One of our friends knows the chef of this restaurant/cafe called GirinR, and while it’s known for its meat dishes, the chef promised to make some vegan dishes too! I got to eat an amazingly fresh salad, potato wedges, and mini fajitas. Every thing was delicious and made with the best Jeju-do ingredients.

Apparently Jeju has some of the most delicious carrots and other root veggies. And indeed, the carrots in the salad were so sweet and crunchy. I should’ve brought a whole box of carrots back with me to make Jeju carrot cake. hehe.

Somehow, we ended up at the Innisfree make up shop where they had a section where people could sculpt and scent their own soap bar. Hahaha, we look like we’re little kids on a school field trip. Craft time!!! I don’t know much about Korean cosmetic brands in general, but I know Innisfree emphasizes its use of organic, natural, eco-friendly ingredients, and they also supposedly do not use animal testing (although this will have to be researched more). Not to sound like their spokesperson or anything, but I definitely think it’s one of the better make up brands in Korea.

About to make some soap with ‘Volcanic Pore’ powder.

Green tea fields at O’Sulloc. This is a famous green tea farm in Jeju~

At the O’Sulloc giftshop/cafe, all the omnis gobbled down green tea ice cream and cake, while I sipped on this delicious hot tea. It was the best pure green tea I’ve tasted. Super flavorful.

jeju orange
Jeju is famous for its hallabong oranges and clementines. We stopped at one of the orange stalls along the road and picked up some boxes and also some gyuul-popsicles, which happened to be vegan.


Old Jejudo man statues everywhere.

jeju pastanight
For our last night there we had a pasta night, with two omni pastas and one vegan version. As the only vegan in the group, I was soooo touched by the way my friends would go out of their way to make sure I didn’t feel left out of the food scene, like making sure there were veggie options at every meal and everywhere we went. These guys are the best.

Holy steam! My friend Yona made this amazing vegan pasta dish which was honestly the best vegan pasta I’ve ever tasted. Made with homemade basil pesto, tomatoes, mushrooms, pine nuts, and eggplant. Yona is an amazing cook and she does everything by ‘feel,’ rather than measuring everything out. I could go on and on about how delicious this was, but instead I’ll just share more photos.


Seriously, best thing I ate in Jeju. Thanks Yona! :)

Beautiful salad with fresh organic baby greens, tomatoes, chickpeas, and balsamic vinaigrette.

Our communal table.

We also had some birthday celebrations~

Happy birthday ㅅㅈㄴ and ㅅㅁ!

jeju coffee watermelon
Botton’s dutch coffee with soy milk, and my first watermelon of the season.

Curry and dwenjang soup for breakfast. I usually never eat savory food for breakfast, but for a lot of Koreans, eating rice, kimchi, and soup in the morning is totally normal.

Found an olive tree near the guesthouse. First time seeing fresh olives on a tree in my life. :P

Our final lunch in Jeju was at a small restaurant famous for its seafood stone pot rice.

jeju lunch
However, since the stone pot rice wasn’t vegan (it was made with abalone), I got a bowl of plain rice and enjoyed it with the banchans.

I honestly was still full from the pasta the night before and the curry for breakfast, so I couldn’t eat that much for lunch. Just a few bites and I was done.

This is what everyone else ate. 전복 or abalone in English. I’ll just go ahead and say what we’re all thinking. A platter of va-jay-jays.

Ok now cleanse your mind with this view of the ocean.


jeju beach3
Our seaside stop before heading to the airport.

Just our luck that the sun would come out right as we were leaving. Thanks a lot Jeju. sarcasm.

So that wraps up my Jeju Island trip. We all wished it could’ve been longer, but alas we all have work to do in Seoul. I had a blast and I’m so grateful for this awesome group of friends~~ and now, back to reality!


  1. looks like you had a blast! love all of your photos…especially the ones of the ocean and of course the puppy!! our fam should do a jeju trip later this year :) :)

  2. That trip looks delicious :)
    If you could do a follow-up post about the animal testing for Innisfree I would really appreciate that. It would be nice to support a good Korean company while living here.

  3. That looks like the most awesome trip ever. I’m going to have to bookmark this, so I’ll remember your recommendation when I go to Jeju one day!

    Love that your friends are fabulous like this and take care of the sole vegan in the group. Some of my friends do that too, and nothing feels better than people not making a fuss about the way you eat but simply embracing it. One of my very meat-loving Greek friends just digs out all the ‘old’ recipes because traditionally Greek people ate very, very little meat (not that you’d guess that nowadays).

    What’s Dutch coffee exactly?

  4. Hey Mipa, thanks for all the info on your blog. My wife and I are going to korea for the first time (we’re both gyopo’s) to adopt our child. If you had to go to one place in Seoul that’s accessible to the subway, which place would you go to? Thanks in advance

  5. I really enjoyed seeing your photos of Jeju. I am applying to teach English there from this September and it just looks like such a beautiful place, with great food options. The vege bbq that your group cooked up looks delicious!

  6. Aloha Mipa! I enjoyed viewing your pics on your trip to Jeju island. Yona’s pasta looks scrumptious! You think Yona wouldn’t mind sharing her pasta recipe? I would like to try it sometime. :)

  7. Your site is beautiful! And this post really takes me there – the sites, the good friends, the beautiful food, the tasty coffee. Everything just looks amazing. So glad I found your page!

  8. I want to know what your life update is… TELL ME PLEASE! haha, I have no idea why I care, but I do!

  9. “a platter full of va-jay-jays”. Oh, how I laughed.
    Looks like you had a wondeful trip. I always regret not seeing more of SK when I lived here.

  10. That pasta look so tempting. I can feel how much you enjoyed it. Even picture tells it. Can we see the recepie soon???

  11. Hi Mipa, I just started following your blog recently and I think it’s awesome. All your cakes look oh-so-yummy and I plan to go give ’em a try this fall when I’m in Seoul. :)
    Anyway, I wanted to also ask you about Mystery Salt Guesthouse that you stayed in Jeju on whether they have an english website coz their website is in Korean and unfortunately I don’t know how to read them. :S It looks like a nice place to stay in Jeju and I’m thinking of giving it a try.

  12. Hi May I know where is the innis free shop located at jeju? ^^ it sounds really fun to go. and congrats on your shop opening^^

  13. I’m sitting in my dorm room, lamenting the fact that I’m looking at all your delicious cake recipes and delicious foods, until I came upon your post about Jeju Island and the abalone. I had a good laugh. Your blog is wonderful(except when I’m feeling hungry :) ) and your new studio looks great!

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  15. Hi nice one!! Can I ask you about Mystery Salt Guesthouse that you stayed in Jeju coz their website is in Korean and unfortunately I don’t know how to read them. Where is it located?

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