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Phew, lots of things going on lately. I’ve been super busy with setting up the studio/cafe~~ I mentioned in a previous post that original plan was to just make a baking studio first, but after much thought, Yona and I have decided to set up a very small veg*an shop/cafe in the front too! So people can come buy vegan baked goodies any time, and also enjoy a veggie lunch and just hang out. Since the concept and business plan changed quite somewhat, we had to re-think the space to make it more presentable to the public.

Picking the paint for the shop exterior and interior. Gosh, it’s so hard to make a decision when you have all the colors of the rainbow and everything in between, but we finally settled on a blue/minty color for the outside and dark blue for the accent and inside doors. Also a light grey/beige for the interior walls.

Overall I think it turned out ok! :) We are waiting for the awning to be installed, along with the shop signage etc.

An interior shot, before it got painted.

After the paint job~~ the ajushis came over the other day to install the A/C. Anyway, it’s coming along and we hope to officially open in 2 weeks! Hopefully there won’t be too any more delays…

Attaching the kitchen shelves~ Oh, and we got light! :) Hallelujah amen.

moving kitchen
Yesterday I moved most of my kitchen supplies to the studio space. As of now, the kitchen isn’t yet fully ready to be stocked (the sink needs to be installed and it needs one final cleaning), so we have put everything in the back room for now. Yona bought the new white oven/stove, and I brought my own black convection oven from home, and I will be bringing another one soon, so we’ll have a total of three ovens. I really can’t wait to actually set the kitchen up and put everything in its place. Anywayyyy~ I’ll be sure to share more details on the exact opening date, and location, etc, etc, in the very near future! Stay tuned! :)

In the meantime, when I’m not working on setting up the baking studio, I’ve been baking as usual~ Here’s a cake I made for Botton a while back… red velvet and raspberries.

Whipping up some light chocolate buttercream frosting….

…for this cake!

chai muffins~

This was my final delivery sent out from my old workspace. Now that I’ve moved my entire kitchen to the new studio, deliveries have been suspended… I don’t know when it will resume, but when it does, all goodies will be baked and mailed from the brand new studio cafe!

And for some last minute random eats…. a banana smoothie with stuff on top. :)

A light lunch of sauteed chard and other greens, tomatoes, carrots, and walnuts~

I was out for an early morning meeting at starbucks, and had a blueberry bagel for breakfast. I’m hoping it was vegan….

Had a meeting at Cafe Local in Hongdae and shared some soymilk patbingsu. My first patbingsu of the summer season. The ddeok was a little tough and flavorless, but the rest was good. Looking forward to many more bingsus this summer.

Bought some Maybell whole wheat bread while I was in Itaewon the other day. Enjoyed it for dinner with Nuttelex nondairy spread and marmite, and some fruit.

Breakfast this morning was so lovely. Maybell wholewheat bread, organic fresh blueberries, kiwi, and ice coffee. My parents came up to Seoul yesterday and my mom brought a whole bag of the blueberries for me. Antioxidants, yeah!

Aiights. That’s all for today– gotta go to the studio to check on the progress. Installing the kitchen sink and internet connection today. Wish us luck! :) Have a good Tuesday~


  1. Wow, That cake looks so beautiful!

  2. Wow even more excitement! I think this is a good idea, it will be harder but it will make things easier in the long run having designed the studio for both needs.

    • Thanks Clon. Yea, it will be more work, but hopefully more rewarding too? :) I may close the online shop later on, if the studio/cafe is too much work… we’ll see.

  3. “Yona and I have decided to set up a very small veg*an shop/cafe in the front too!”


    So happy for you!

  4. Hurray~~ Hurray~~ So, When I go there, all i need to do is going straight to studio and enjoy all the foods there. Hug Mipa-nim and Yona-nim. I hope my trip next year won’t be pending. Keep fighting for both of you. And Mipa-nim May I know the address of your studio?

  5. CONGRATULATIONS Mipa^_^ I cant wait for you to open your studio/cafe!
    Where sells soymilk bingsu by the way? I’ve never seen it…

    • Thanks E. You can get soymilk bingsu at Cafe Mano in Hyehwa (check the ‘veg eateries’ link at the top for more info). I got this one at Cafe Local in hongdae… their usual one has dairy milk, but they have soy milk on the menu, so we asked them to make a soy one for us. Don’t have a blog post on this cafe yet… coming soon.

  6. I found your blog while reading — am preparing for my trip to Seoul this December! I can’t wait to see the shop’s setup & oh your bakes look so good! Will definitely pop by in December :) Congrats!

  7. Congrats on your shop!! I may be visiting my family in Seoul next year, I’ll definitely have to visit for some yummy treats!

  8. Waouh ^__^ awsome news! Congratulations Mipa! I wished that one day you would open your own shop, so here it is :) And on top of that, I’m certainly gonna get the chance to visit you in your new baking studio / shop: I’m arriving in Seoul in two days and will stay there one entire month, perfect timing, yay!

  9. Since you guys will be opening soon, I would love to come up from Waegwan on the first opening weekend. Hopefully you can provide directions from Seoul station as I do not know my way around Seoul…

  10. Mipa oenni, my friends and I were having planning to Korea next year^^, can recommend me which month is the best for traveling? Will make sure to visit your studio, can’t wait XD

  11. I haven’t checked on your blog for a couple of months, and wow! What a surprise. I’ve been following you for about 2 years now and you’ve come so far in that amount of time. It’s such a pleasure to see someone turn a blog into a full-fledged business. I can’t wait to see what the studio looks like when it’s all finished, and I just know it’ll be a success. :)

  12. Hi Mipa, I accidentally came to your blog while I was surfing the internet last month and I fell in love with it!
    I was thinking to make an order for your bakings someday but now you’re preparing to open a studio/ shop! It’s really nice to see how you progress in your business.
    I’m looking forward to the opening of your new studio/shop, I’m definitely going to visit there!
    Wish you a good luck for everything :)

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