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Asiana Airlines veggie meals


Whenever I travel, I usually post photos of my veggie airplane food. I figured I’d do it again, except this time I’m just posting the ‘going’ and ‘return’ flight food together in one blog post. My mom and I flew together on Asiana Airlines and we both got the vegetarian (non-dairy) meal option. Since it was only a three-hour flight from Incheon to Hongkong, we only got one meal~ And as always, the flight attendants delivered our food first before everyone else. hehe, just one of those little perks.

My Aviary-Edited Photo
Ew, what the heck is that. Looks totally creepy, like a plastic body bag with blood and brains peeking out. But don’t fear, it’s just an eggplant split through the middle with rice and marinara sauce. On the side, we had salad and fruit. And I like to treat myself to some coke when I’m flying. :)

My Aviary-Edited Photo
The main dish was actually pretty good. It was a bit oily, but also flavorful and satisfying.

My Aviary-Edited Photo
And then this is what we got on the flight back to Seoul. Turmeric yellow rice, beans and grilled veggies with tomato sauce. On the side, there was a bun with margarine, salad, and some fruit. Pretty plain and simple. I think the others got some kind of bibimbab dish.

My Aviary-Edited Photo
This was actually kinda bad. I’m not sure what it was, but the whole thing tasted a bit off and funky. A little plasticky and also charred. Hm, not sure what was going on there. Neither my mom nor myself finished even half of it. I just picked at some of the beans~ blegh.

My Aviary-Edited Photo
At least this view of the sunset made up for the unsatisfying meal. Ahh, I love flying.


  1. The joys of flying veg! :)

    American Airlines does pretty well (I’m not too picky). I feel confident with the vegginess of my meal when I’m served margarine and my neighbor gets butter. :)

    • Don’t think I’ve had a meal with AA before… but I have with United! Agree, I love seeing the little differences in the veg and meat meal trays. :) makes all the difference.

  2. I don’t know if you’ve ever flown on Korean Air but their food is always really good, that’s why I like flying with them (and also because the airport is nice and I eat more food and buy cosmetics there lol). I have the bibimbap dish all the time. It isn’t vegan but you could probably separate the meat away (or maybe KA has a vegan meal?).

  3. I just flew back from Seoul in late December on Asiana and had that exact eggplant vegan dish. I thought it was good ! So many airlines do the steamed veggie thing for vgns – so unimaginative. Thanks for the blog. Next time I am in Seoul, i will check out some of the eateries you posted. How about veggie kimchee-jighae, any favs ?

  4. The eggplant dish looks good – have always enjoyed Asiana Airlines service – the best I’ve had (but I haven’t had the opportunity to fly many different ones). Just flew back on United Airlines and the vegetarian meals were… hard to stomach. It’s like they couldn’t really be bothered.

  5. Hi Mipa,
    I just found out ur blog- tried to find out what Asiana airline can do for my vegan meal.

    Im planning to fly out to seoul this fall. I have a strong feelinh that ur blog will help me to survive there!


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