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Alien’s Day Out & Eat Your Kimchi


My Aviary-Edited Photo
LOOK WHO IT IS!!! Eat Your Kimchi! (Sorry for the terrible photo quality, my phone sucks.) Every expat or anyone with an interest in Korean pop culture knows Simon & Martina, the faces of EYK. They have built their own empire of awesome from scratch, and their YouTube videos are hilarious, informative, and addictive. With such loveable personalities, it’s no wonder they have hordes of adoring fans all over the world. So EYK and ADO started blogging around the same time, and turns out we’ve been following each other pretty much from the beginning. And now they are superstars. It’s funny how a little side project like blogging/YouTube can change your life and become so much more. Anyway. They came to PLANT recently (actually, twice in one week), and I have photos to prove it. And yes, they are just as cool in person as they are in their videos. They are so famous that our customers all recognized them and started chatting with them. Simon and Martina are such nice friendly (and funny) people that they will talk to anyone.

Here is their FAPFAP video at PLANT! So funny– I love the way they banter with each other and then how they proceed to devour the food. One thing to note is that not everything at PLANT is vegan. The pies by Yona’s Kitchen, like the pecan pie in this video, are not vegan (they include eggs, dairy, butter, etc). If you are vegan, check for the (V) on the name cards, which indicates what is vegan, and (GF) for gluten-free. Just wanted to clear that up!

So that was that! :) And now the only thing left is to organize a play date for Bunny, Spudgy, and Dr. Meemerz.


  1. Mipa!!! Yayyyy so glad that you were featured on EYK! I always love it when people share my love for your delicious cakes and food ^^ Hope your week is going well! See you soon!

  2. Silent reader here! *^* You have NO IDEA how excited I was when I saw their video!!! I follow both you and EYK so it was like seeing awesome colliding with awesome to create unexplainable awesomeness that only oozes out of rainbows and cotton candy. I was hoping that they would do a mini-interview or a funny skit with you too! Maybe next time :D? Gah! So happy for you both :)

  3. Heya!

    Yeah, when we looked at the final cut of the video, I felt like we weren’t clear enough about the differences. Ah! Sorry about that :(

  4. Love this! Congratulations on being featured. After following your blog for three years, I am so happy and proud of everything you’ve accomplished with PLANT!
    xx Abby | a geek tragedy


    my three favorite celebrity expats have gotten together and I’m loving this

  6. Loved the video and am so happy that Plant is getting even more exposure, but I wish they had interviewed you or something! Seeing you in the background was nice though! Miss ya, Mipa! :)

  7. I was so excited to see the pic you uploaded of them on facebook! Its really great that despite not being vegan they still enjoy veg food, they did a video of loving hut too!

    I met them when they came to Sydney, they are really great people online and in person. I was really shy when i met them though haha

  8. This is so neat! I’ve been following this blog for a while and eat your kimchi on youtube. So nice to see this collaboration :D

  9. I got here from EYK and you definitely won a new reader/fan in me! I went to your shop last weekend but unfortunately there were no seats left so we only got some cake for take-away. It was very delicious though! I’ll come again, hopefully I can get a seat next time and enjoy more drinks and food on the spot :)

    • Aw, sorry there were no seats! :( The best time to come is on a weekday…. it’s less busy and hectic. Also, Alien’s Day Out vegan bakeshop is closed on Sun & Mon. THank you!

  10. although i’m definitely not a fan of eyk (for a lot of different reasons), i’m genuinely really happy that aliensdayout and plant are getting the publicity and attention it deserves *____*

  11. What a coincidence–EYK and ADO were the two blogs I started following in 2012 when I considered moving to Korea! EYK’s videos were very informative and entertaining about general Korean life, and ADO had amazing recipes and resources for vegetarian food. Kudos to both of you for all your success!

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