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Samcheongdong sights


I think spring is around the corner! I’m so excited for warmer weather, but also bummed that I can never really enjoy it that much because I’m always at the shop. But I’ve been noticing the sun rising earlier than before which makes me happy.  All winter, it was still dark when I got to the studio in the morning, but now, it’s either dusk, or the sun is already up. :) I hated waiting for the bus when it was freezing outside, but I admit I liked the eery calmness of Itaewon in the early morning. I gotta say, there’s something to getting up and starting the day ahead of everyone else, while the world is still asleep.

Anyway. The past few weeks have been busy as always, but I’ve also managed to get some precious time away from the shop and do some of the things I used to do, like just wandering around Seoul. My sister is also back in Korea from HongKong! I’m so happy to have her back for the next few months or so.

I had some free time a few Mondays ago, so I made a visit to Samcheongdong.

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It has been forever since I last went to Samcheongdong. Sooo much has changed. Tons of new shops, cafes, and random things to see. It’s also become increasingly commercialized… it’s weird and a bit sad to see the area lose some of its indie vibes. But there are still some gems in the area fighting for survival.

Found this tiny hotddeok shop tucked away, and decided to get a snack. They had two kinds- a sweet honey one, and a vegetable one with japchae noodles. The dough itself is vegan too– just flour and water.

Getting hot and crispy~~

Walk and eat.

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There’s nothing quite like some greasy street food. Being the japchae lover that I am, the filling was my favorite part. It was super hot, straight out of the fryer so we had to eat it really carefully so as to not scorch the inside of your mouth off.

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Grabbing some coffee.

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Peeking into a quiet hanok cafe.

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Walked by the lovely pie shop in one of the side streets at Samcheondong. Unfortunately nothing vegan, but the pies looked amazing.

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Cute little blocks of bread.

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Ahhh, all I can say is, I miss Seoul-wandering!!!! I’m looking forward to my next outing~ :)


  1. The hotddeok looks so good!

    And the hanok café…. ohhhhhh! Didn’t know there was such a thing, but like like!

  2. thank you!!your post came in good timing. i’ll be travelling to korea in a few weeks and one of the things that i’m most worrried about is is there food for a vegetarian in Korea?!?

    will definitely drop by your shop for a hearty meal!! :)

  3. Ohh, what a beautiful post. I was just thinking this morning how I’d love to go back to Korea, and your pictures put my longing into visual form.

    Mipa, that’s you in the coffee picture, right? It’s hard to tell from the distance.

    I hope Bunny enjoys spring romps on the balcony. :)

    yipyip, you should definitely check through Mipa’s archives here. So many pieces about restaurants to go to! mostly in Seoul, but there are other places covered, too.

  4. !! another thing to do in korea this summer hoho @___@
    i’ve been craving good japchae hotteok q___Q the last time i ate it was when i made it myself and it doesn’t compare to ones from pojangmachas…..

  5. Thanks for the update! Miss Korea dearly, so am making kimchee today. ADO, do you know anything about vegan kimchees made with a bit of protein, like (tofu?) instead of something like shrimp paste? I know the protein affects the fermentation, and so would like to make more of an authentic kimchee/kimchi taste.

  6. The food looks so yummy! Your posts are fascinating; I would love to visit Korea one day.

  7. Hey, I found your blog again recently (we met a few years ago when I was in Seoul) and I just wanted to say congrats on the shop and everything, I am so happy for you! :)

    Fried japchae sounds so amazing, wow! I really want to try those, I love japchae and I can’t imagine how yummy it would be fried in a dough ball!

  8. I missed ADO’s wandering and I just got a day off to see all the posts that I had missed. Keep fighting and enjoy your spring Mipa-nim. Have a great day.

  9. Hi Mipa I watch that hoddeok shop before on YT but no directions were given on how to get there. By any chance do you remember where the alley were tucked in ?

  10. you have super amazing blog! i love it so much! please keep writing.i want to hear more about food at seoul :)

    from malaysia. ;)

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