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So.. it’s been an interesting month so far….  If you’ve been following PLANT’s facebook page, you will know that PLANT is currently taking a temporary break as it undergoes some changes. My business partner Yona decided that it was time for her to leave PLANT and venture out to eventually start her own shop. It’s a bit scary to think about me operating PLANT on my own, but I’m trying to see this as a new growth opportunity, and hopefully I won’t run the whole thing into the ground. ha. Yona and I have always known that our partnership was temporary, and we always saw PLANT as our ‘training grounds,’ where we would learn as much as we could and eventually take that knowledge and experience towards building our own store and brand. So anyway, during this transition, I am taking some time to refocus and do some minor renovations/fixing, and give PLANT a bit of a fresh start. Nothing too big~ it will still be the PLANT that everyone has come to know, but hopefully a little improved? I’m also looking for part-time help, so if anyone is looking to make some extra moolah working hard at a vegan cafe, check here for more details and consider applying!

I took down all the pictures on the back wall! Aren’t you curious as to what I’m going to doooo~~? You’ll just have to wait and see, because honestly I have no idea myself. Actually, I probably shouldn’t lead people to expect any huge changes… For the most part, PLANT will still be the same, just maybe a little more polished and put together.

Catching some sunlight while on the job, with a green spirulina smoothie. I think I might put this on the PLANT menu soon, once we reopen. :)

Lately, when I’m not reorganizing the shop, or planning the renovations, I’ve been trying to meet up with as many long lost friends as I can…. My friend Chad was back in Korea for a business trip, so we grabbed dinner at Casablanca in HBC. It had been ages since I last went to Casablanca and as always, the place was packed. I also ran into a handful of people I know… It’s like one of those watering holes where everyone gathers and runs into each other. We got the veggie sandwich, no mayo (5,000), and a small bowl of lentil soup (2,000).

And Chad’s gf Johanna sent this amazing care package packed with Trader Joe’s goodies! I’ve already opened everything and finished about half of it. Those Thai lime chili almonds are bomb.

Dinner and drinks with some Window Bakery Collection friends: the owner of May Bell Bakery and my good foodie friend Michelle. For dinner, we got some good Korean eats at Parc, a hip modern Korean restaurant in Hannamdong. And then drinks at Wonder Coffee. Good food, good people, good Friday night.

More Korean food, because that’s what I’m craving lately. Gondeurae rice with doenjang jjigae and banchans. Korean food rules.

Dolsot bibimbab.

Japchae noodles with fried sweet potato chips. YUM.

Brick Pop at Sinsaegae department store. Not everything is vegan, but they have a good selection of flavors that are dairy-free. :) And everything is made with fresh, real ingredients. Plus, just looking at all the colors is eye candy.

Sometimes you just need a drink….

Iced soy latte at one of my fave cafes in Hapjeong .짧은 여행의 기록. It has been a while since I went there, and I noticed they’ve added soy latte to their menu, which is so rad! Not exactly sure what soy milk they use though (might contain D3). It was good, but didn’t stand a candle to Botton’s soy latte, imo.

They best soy latte in Seoul is at Botton Cafe. Ah, i remember those days when I would get to hang out at Botton every week~~ alas, now I’m lucky if I can hang out there once a month even.

Just for these few weeks that the shop is closed, I rejoined my mma boxing gym. I’ve missed working out so much, but I think I missed my coach and gym friends even more.

Bunny Buns.

Foot in mouth…

Oh, and PLANT got a full page write-up in this month’s Korean Marie Claire! They were doing this feature on various vegetarian/health conscious food establishments and Plant was included! Super cool, but not the terrible photo of me and Yona (I cropped it so you can’t see! haha). Neither of us thought our faces would be included in the article so both of us look completely unprepared to have our photo taken. lol. If you wanna see it, you’ll just have to go seek out this issue.^^ But regardless, it’s really cool to be included in the magazine (a full page), and among such great company too like Sukkara and Cook n Book.

That’s all for today. Thank you for keeping up with Alien’s Day Out blog, and please stay tuned for more info on PLANT’s reopening~ :) ta ta~


  1. CONGRATULATIONS on venturing out on your own!
    See you at the end of the month.


  2. Hi :)
    I’m a frequent visitor to Botton and I was always wondering what kind of soy milk they use. If you happen to know it, could you let me know?

  3. Best of luck with doing over Plant. I’m sure the end result will be sparkling :-)

    Food looks so good, as ever! Those popsicles, wow!

    Congrats on the Marie Claire page, that’s cool. No fair cropping out the picture, those of us outside of Korea can’t get hold of that issue! (I’m sure you looked fine.)

  4. I cannot wait for you to re-open on your own Mipa! You are doing amazing things for yourself and will continue to do so. I’ve got to get back in to visit you again sometime soon. My birthday’s in August, perhaps ill need some cupcakes to celebrate the occasion in sweet vegan style. Btw, bunny is just the cutest in that photo! Take it easy!

  5. Keep forgetting to mention, but I think you might try selling little containers of your salad dressings. See if that sells. I find making salad dressing super easy, but you may find that delicious take-home dressings would make some customers pretty excited. Wish I could come bake with you, if only i had more time….

    I love the idea of you adding smoothies or juices. Even just simple fresh squeezed juice options would be awesome– I mean like ONLY carrot with an option of flavor additions like celery, parsley, garlic, lemon, beet– because obviously having a full on juice bar would practically require a whole new worker just to make juices and prepare the ingredients.

    No matter what, even without making any changes, I’ll be there as a patron. Waiting for the day when you make black forest chocolate cake (with cherries^^).

    • Thank you Cedarbough! Appreciate your kind words and support greatly! I will definitely be adding a smoothie /juice or two to the menu. And I will also consider the salad dressing idea! :) Have a good one, see you soon.

  6. Hello! My vegan friend’s birthday is this week and I’m out of luck with your delicious cakes I see – congrats to you on the new direction! Any other yummy vegan cake options in Seoul? Veggie Holic in Hongdae, are those any good? Does Shinsegae offer any options?

    • Hi Savvy, thank you for your kind words! I’ve actually never tried veggie holic’s cakes, but I imagine them to be more Korean-style cakes… Shinsegae does not have any vegan cakes…. :( sorry.

  7. hey!

    just came across your blog while looking for veg restaurants in korea hehe. would like to know if you have any good veg restaurants to recommend, vegetarian/vegan is fine, preferably somewhere near myeongdong hehe. my mom’s going on a business trip and i’m rather worried she won’t find food /O\ thanks so much! :D

    pearly :)

    • No aware of any around Myeongdong, but Insadong is not too far away from there, and there are a few good veggie Korean food places in Insadong. Please check the ‘Veg Friendly Eateries’ tab at the top. :)

  8. I couldn’t wait to see the re-open of PLANT. Good luck and have a great weekend Mipa-nim!

  9. Thinking of you, Mipa, and sending best wishes for Plant! I think you’ve done an amazing job running the place, and I took forward to hearing more about your successes. Hope you’re flooded with customers (in a good way) when you reopen. I’m no longer in Korea, but I still love hearing about your healthy adventures. :-)

  10. awww sad that its currently closed..visiting Seoul in two weeks time and was looking forward to visiting PLANT! guest till the next trip then! sure something amazing is on its way! hahaha anyway so glad that i came across your blog..its vegan-licious! hahahha by the way any tip on how to address yourself or inform the restaurants for vegan dishes? my korean is pretty much so so and really would like to enjoy korean food there without worrying about anything.. ^^

  11. oopps sorry didn’t go through the resources tab bad!

  12. Hi! I’ve been hearing about brickpops lately but can’t seem to find much information! I heard they’re amazing and I want to try and make some at home, any suggestions?

  13. I just wanna ask where Parc Restaurant location is

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