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So PLANT is back! After a hectic 3 weeks of re-organizing and a little renovating here and there, the place is back in business. A huge thank you to everyone who waited patiently (and apparently not so patiently for some of you, haha) for its return, and sincere apologies to those who traveled far to eat PLANT food, only to be disappointed and find the place in a complete state of disarray during the hiatus. Before we opened, I was really nervous about having to operate it as the sole owner, and having to oversee every. single. thing. But thankfully, I found some great part time helpers to ease the load. You know, gathering my minions… :) *evil grin* Hopefully I can foster a good work environment that is fun but also challenging and inspiring. Anyway, despite all my anxiety, PLANT reopened without any major hitches, and it was so lovely to see familiar faces again. I half expected people to forget about PLANT, but you guys remembered, and you came back! <3

So here are a few interior changes I made to the shop. Nothing crazy like tearing down walls or anything… just a little paint, new furniture, and fixing etc. If you came to PLANT before the change, this is how you’ll remember it:

PLANT Before. Big table in the back, white table (which I brought from my house) in the front, and a collage of random pictures and magazine clippings on the back wall.

PLANT 2.0 ^^

To recap, I painted the back wall with chalk board paint, and then replaced the big table in the back with three smaller marble tables, and also installed bench seating against the wall. There are also cushions along the bench seating now (they arrived after I took the pic). A lot of people have asked if I made the physical space bigger because it just looks more spacious. But nope! Same amount of space, just optical illusion~~ maaagic. :) jk. It’s still the same PLANT, but tidier. I tried to give it more of a polished look, rather than the cluttered home-decor feel which is what it was rockin’ before. haha.

The ktichen is also much more organized…

A customer took some lovely pictures of our shop and I asked to share them with everyone. :) I love the filter~ makes the shop look extra fancy and pinteresty.

From back left to front right: Green Power Smoothie, Lemon bundt cake, iced soy chai, smoky tempeh salad with pita bread, pumpkin gingerbread cookie cake, and dark chocolate peanut butter cake. Like my sparkly new marble tables?

I also installed a bench outside the kitchen window for customers to sit while waiting on a busy Saturday, or to chill out there when the weather is nice. I like it when people sit right outside our window, and plus, it’s nice to see the bench being put to good use.

Dogs like it too~

One thing that hasn’t changed is that PLANT is still doing meals! I’m still cooking the same food I’ve been making this whole time… things like chickpea melt grilled sandwiches (as pictured above), TLT wraps, veggie burgers, burritos, kale salads, etc, etc. The menu will continue to change every week or so. In the past, we always posted the weekly menu on the Facebook page, but we haven’t been so diligent about that lately, and I’m not sure how on-top-of-it I will be now. Feel free to call the shop that day to ask what our menu is. Or better yet, just come with an open mind, and in return, we’ll do our best not to disappoint you. :)

Serving up some smoky tempeh salad with agave mustard dressing, and toasted pita bread.

BBQ lentil mushroom meatball salad.

Check out our new eco-friendly take-out boxes! Looks like one of those Whole Foods boxes… :P Before, we used plastic to-go containers, and I just didn’t feel good about the whole thing. So I was ecstatic to find these paper ones. They’re great, and hopefully better for the environment.

Brought back the Chocolate Stout PB cake after a long time away.

Gluten-free, vegan banana nut & chocolate chip muffins. Trying to make sure the gluten-intolerant people don’t feel left out of all the fun. :)

Couldn’t resist snapping pics of this gorgeous doggie at the shop. Just look at those eyes!

Me and my wall art. It’s chalk paint, so the artwork may change after a while… Oh the possibilities!

So there you have it. Welcome to PLANT 2.0. As always, thank you to everyone who has been supporting Alien’s Day Out and PLANT from the beginning. I couldn’t do what I do with you guys’ support, whether you’re family, one of my closest friends, a regular customer, or even a distant blog reader overseas…. you guys totally rock! Hope you will continue to join me on this bizzare veggie adventure~ ta ta!


  1. Hi there. What an interesting place. I’m from Canada. What made you choose to go vegan? Health and well being is one of the highest concerns in Canada and we live a lifestyle that mirrors it. Korea is a land of wealth and an abundance of food. It is known for lots of BBQ and drinking. I’m very interested to hear about your experience when you decided to become vegetarian. How did you stop yourself from eating meat? What about the temptations of seafood?

    I hope this finds its way to your inbox. Thank you.

  2. Good job Mipa and I am also happy with the paper boxes ;)
    Your food is delish and I look forward to the recipe book you totally promised me!
    Husband and I will see you soon to buy everything as always!

    • Ruth, I LOVE having you and Colin at the shop. You guys have been one of my biggest supporters from Day1 and I appreciate you guys more than you probably know. Thank you for being so awesome!

  3. The place looks great! And you definitely used the right magic, because it really does look bigger! Well done! :)
    I live outside of Seoul, but come to Plant whenever I’m near Itaewon. Looking forward to visiting soon!
    I can’t remember if this was answered or not, but this mean that the restaurant is completely vegan now? I know it was vegetarian before, but if it’s completely vegan that means I can eat EVERYTHING!!!
    (and I will). :) Congratulations!

  4. Yay Mipa! I’ve been following you and Plant for a while. Now, I’m not a vegan or anything close (in fact I’m a big meat eater) but the food looks so delicious. I will definitely make sure I visit Plant in my next Korea trip.

    Keep on posting; I love reading your post.

  5. Mipa! The place looks amazing.. if only I could travel from Canada to Korea and see and eat there for real :)
    I’m still fascinated by all of this i.e. watching your journey unfold through this blog. I remember when you had your artwork displayed in a favorite cafe of yours and now! Your artwork is up in your very own cafe! You worked so hard to get here and to keep going :) I’m so proud of of you and am glad to be following your blog!

    • Thank you for your comment Aly! I wish you could visit from Canada one day~ Yea, my whole journey has been documented on this blog haha. pretty interesting for myself too. thank you for being a faithful reader! :)

  6. Thumbs up! Plant 2.0 is looking good (and the food as scrumptious as ever)!

  7. Looks fantastic!!! Can’t wait to visit next time I’m in Seoul~

  8. So proud of you!! I know there have been ups and downs this past year but its been amazing to see you push through…and look at where plant is now! :) excited for ya!

  9. Congratulations on the reopening and starting to go it alone, the redo looks great! If I ever get over to Korea from Germany or New Zealand I’ll definitely be coming by to eat everything.

  10. Yay!! The new PLANT looks gorgeous—and delicious. Cannot wait to try your gluten-free sweets! Do you have gluten-free meals too?

  11. It looks wonderful and actually improved. It was good that you had a partner at the beginning to share the start-up work, and now that it’s all yours, I think it’ll be even better. When you said the kitchen was better organized now, that gave me the clue: of course! Only one chef! I know you have help, but if there’s only one business in the space, it is sure to make it more streamlined.

    I was surprised to see a dog inside the restaurant, though. I’m not sure how I would feel about that if I were eating there …

  12. wow!! everything looks just fabulous :) it feels strange to say “i’m proud of you” as we’ve never met, and i was living in korea before plant was even created, BUT i’ve read the blog for a long time, and you gave me such inspiration for food adventures in korea! i almost want to travel from toronto to visit plant 2.0…one day!

  13. distant blog reader here…congratulations! the place looks great. if I am ever in SK once again (I was there in 2012) I will for sure stop by and eat my heart out!!!! <3 Lots of love from a fellow veg!

  14. i’m glad plant is up and running again ^0^ the new decor looks amazing!
    super excited to be able to go to korea this summer huhu… i’m gonna make sure to eat everything on your menu *__*

  15. Hi Aliens Day Out! I am a big blog fan, and I think your new PLANT 2.0 looks great! I really want to visit your shop and eat all of your delicious cakes, cookies, savories, and smoothies. I promise to visit if I go to S.Korea! Keep up the good work.

  16. Congrats, mipa! Just wanna say…
    You make me love my lactoveg identity!
    Will spread the word for u! Keep on going! *-*

  17. Congratulations! If I ever make it out to Seoul, I will make it a point to visit your PLANT restaurant!

  18. Hi!
    I just had a quick question (im sorry Im not sure if its been answered earlier) but do you make any lactose free cakes, cookies or muffins? For people who have dairy allergies?

  19. I am speachless..WOW, you made such a marvellous place! I have the same question as Princess cos I am lactose intolerant!?

  20. The redecoration looks great and as always the food looks superb. Its so exciting to see the evolution of your bakeshop. It inspires me to keep improving recipes and … who knows . . .

  21. Wow, amazing! An upgrade that everyone had been waiting for. And Yes, it’s more spacious, and tidier. Your food photos are eye candy, see you soon. Always Fighting!

  22. 와, 멋있는 가게인 것 같아요! 서울에 와있으니 가봐야겠다^^

  23. m I p A !!!!! man, PLANT 2.0 is lookin awesome!!!! I am SO amazed from lookin at that bakery case (zomg choc-pb- stout cake! and your signature adorable muffins!), imagining those deelishous cooked meals, and realizing you are the sole brain behind it all!!! Glad you have some good help though, that’s gotta be crucial. Major props and love from this overseas friend and happy summer solstice!!

  24. You made some changes :) stunning. Looking so better. Jessica


  26. Hi Mipa! The place looks great. I lived in Korea 2006-2008 and I was vegan when I first moved there but I went back to ‘just’ a vegetarian in the end (have been veggie since I was 7 years old). I’ve been reading your blog for years now and I’m coming back to Seoul for a visit next weekend- so I’m definitely going to have to stop by Plant and try out the delicious treats after reading your journey all these years! Looking forward to it!

  27. Hi!

    Food and the shop looks fab gorgeous!!

    Just wanna know where the shop located? I’ll visit it this coming November

  28. What a beauitiful change :) Great work.

  29. I really love the look of your blog. Are you planning on putting our a book anytime soon? Online would be better :).

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