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March Rabbit @Garosugil


Woops, ok, so this is one of those restaurant posts that have been sitting in my drafts folder for far too long–several months to be exact. I should really be quicker when it comes to blogging about restaurants here in Seoul because you never know, the next day they might disappear! It seems that there are all these new veg-friendly, healthy, raw, fresh-food shops opening up these days, so much so that it’s a bit hard to keep up. Ya’ll probably don’t even need me to blog about them anymore cuz there are so many more up-to-date resources out there. But what the hey, I’ll still blog about them when I can.

I admit that these days, I don’t venture too far from the Itaewon area for food… There are just so many good places around Itaewon with veggie options, and plus, I don’t have as much free time to go trekking to random neighborhoods in Seoul. But when the owner of March Rabbit visited PLANT and introduced his salad bar restaurant to me, I knew I wanted to check this one out! Oh, and besides, it’s got ‘Rabbit’ in its name.

March rabbit
March Rabbit: a bright yellow & green building. You can’t miss it.

March rabbit

March rabbit
Loving all the green imagery around the shop~

March rabbit
So much seating! I always get a bit jealous of restaurants with so much seating space, because PLANT is so freaking small. But at the same time, I still love the coziness of plant, so I should just stop comparing. lol

March rabbit
Such an extensive menu!

March rabbit
As far as I can remember, they only had one main vegan salad option called the Happy Vegan Rabbit, but you can also build your own salad, and add whatever toppings you want. Also plenty of vegetarian options available.

March rabbit
My order. The vegan salad, with mixed greens, green hummus, lentil salad, barley, and a chunk of tofu. They also normally add croutons, but they weren’t vegan, so they just left that out. This was back in March/April, and I’m not sure what the bread situation is now, so maybe ask in advance. The Popeye green ade was also surprisingly good! Haven’t had a carbonated green juice before– a tad sweeter than I expected but nice and refreshing. Tempted to try this at home. :)

March rabbit
Green ‘hummus.’ It looks like guacamole but most definitely is not. I’m not so sure what made it green~~ I can’t even fully remember the taste… it was interesting! In a good way~

March rabbit
The tofu had a nice chewy texture, but it wasn’t particularly flavorful. I kind of wished it was covered in BBQ sauce or something.

March rabbit
Overall I enjoyed March Rabbit for its freshness and vegan options. I just think it’s cool that there’s a salad bar spot like this one. Hopefully this fresh & green food trend will continue. Yay for eating more veggies, less meat.

Map to March Rabbit:

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560 Sinsa dong, Gang-nam gu (Garosugil) Seoul


  1. Yum, looks delish. I’m moving to Seoul this weekend so i’ll be sure to checkout march rabbit and Plant.

  2. there’s one of my favorite :)

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