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Good to go
Ahhhh these are the best days of the year… That transition from summer to fall (time to put our clothes back on, lol). There’s a crispness to the morning air but there’s still a nice warmth during the day, without the humidity. It’s simply the best. This summer has been a complete whirlwind. I can’t believe it’s been almost four months since PLANT‘s reopening. But at the same time, it feels like it’s been forever~ like this is just how it’s always been.

Chuseok came and went… I went to Cheonan for one last family gathering before my sister went back to LA. Ofcourse there was a ton of food… Chuseok food, which is even more epic. And mostly all vegan because my mom is just awesome like that. I’m always so grateful the way she prepares mostly vegan dishes when I’m home~

Korean food rules.

Me and the bigass super moon that happened over Chuseok. Don’t look so “super” to me…

And thank you everyone for your words of congrats on my move! It’s been a month since I moved apartments and I’m absolutely loving life now that I don’t have that godawful commute. My quality of life has improved tenfold. haha. I’m so much happier, I’m getting more sleep, I even have more of a social life… No complaints over here.

Hiking up Namsan on Sunday evening. It was such a nice stroll and the weather was perfect…. And the view at night ain’t half bad.

And maybe the best part of moving is being close to all the good eateries in the neighborhood.

Paco Loco’s Vegetarian Nacho plate. I have yet to try their veggie burrito, just cuz I’m a sucker for nachos. This is an acceptable meal right?

Brunch at Baker’s Table. I got the only vegan option on the menu…. the Vegan Sandwich (9,000 I think?). My friend got the Farmer’s Plate.

The fillings in the sandwich were great– tasty and super juicy. Especially the mushrooms. However, what ruined it for me was the toughness of the ciabatta, which is characteristic of most of the breads I’ve tried from Baker’s Table. They’re all super dense, chewy, and tough…. which is fine for some, but I guess I just prefer my ciabatta to be of the soft, pillowy variety. Oh well, it was still a nice brunch outing. :)

The Hummus Avocado Sandwich from Good to Go in Haebangchon. It’s close to my house, and if I didn’t work almost every day, I might eat here more often. I appreciated the freshness of the ingredients and huge chunks of avo. The hummus was a teeny bit sour… maybe that batch was on its last leg or something. No worries, it all balanced out when put together.

Good to Go counter and menu.

Coffee at one of my fave spots in HBC: De Espresso Room. They have soy lattes, although it’s Samyook soymilk so it’s got D3. And they got a cute puppyyyyy.

Anyway, it’s so great having tons of veg-friendly eateries near my house. There are so many options…. I seriously think Itaewon/Kyungridan/HBC is probably the most veg friendly neighborhood in Seoul, and I feel really proud to be a part of it, both as a business owner and now resident.

In fact, the Itaewon area has just blown up this past year or so. All of a sudden, Itaewon/Kyungridan/Hannam became the new ‘it’ neighborhood in Seoul, and on weekends the place is a madhouse… super busy and crowded. It’s weird to see so many Koreans on the streets, since it used to be so foreigner-dominated. The whole neighborhood has kind of turned into a tourist attraction… for Koreans~ all coming to check out these foreigner-owned restaurants and bars. A lot of hip things are happening in Itty and real estate has also shot up over the past year making it harder for smaller independent businesses to come in now… I feel like PLANT snuck it at the right time. ;)

Speaking of PLANT, we got featured in the October issue of Muine Heritage magazine. They were doing a feature on vegetarian restaurants in Seoul, and we got included. :) It’s always nice to be recognized in these kinds of lists.

A snapshot of the showcase display.

A slice of PLANT carrot cake. yaaaas people.

Cookin’ up some meaty veggie burgers lately at PLANT… These burgers are pretty BOMBdiggidy if I may say so myself. Lentil black bean cheezeburgers yo, with lettuce, fresh tomato, smokey fried mushrooms, vegan aioli, on vegan buns. Don’t miss out.


  1. Hi Mipa!
    So great to read another blogpost:)

    Nice to know you’re having more “me time” too! We are headed up to Seoul again in two weeks and we cant wait to visit PLANT again! Have them vegan treats ready for our tummies :D

  2. Ahhh, I want a slice of that bundt cake. And all that Korean food. You’re making me hungry.

    A café with a puppy! I love it!

  3. Ha! Dave said the same thing about the ciabatta at Baker’s Table! I thought he was going to lose a tooth the way he was ripping at that bread! The rest of their bread is quite delightful, though.

    Also: your shoes are adorable. And I’m curious what you are reading. So glad you have a little time to kick back and read!

  4. Nachos are always a meal. Always.
    Has Bunny settled into your new home yet?

  5. The food looks so good! I noticed you are reading a book but I can’t read the tittle. I love to read and love to know what others are reading. :)

  6. Mippa,

    I have to say again, and I know you’ve heard it before from me, everytime I travel from Pyeongteak I make it a point to stop in and get some delicious food from you and to receive a friendly hello. I now have a girlfriend who is new to South Korea and would live to show her more veg friendly places. Please share where to find these restaurants.
    I hope to see you again soon.
    P.s. Thank you for noticing my hair cut last time I stopped in.

  7. So much delicious food *.* Love it!

  8. Any chance we can get the address (and how to get to) for the Baker’s Table?

    I’m trying to look on google but I want to be sure I’m looking at the right thing.

  9. One word …YUM!!!!

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