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Robot Kimbab


Here’s one spot in Noksapyeong/Krungridan area that I get take out from every once in a while. They’ve been around for about a year, starting with this Noksapyeong location, and now they’ve franchised to several other neighborhoods. Their whole concept is a little modern, hip, and healthy take on regular kimbabs… although certain items on their menu like their ‘cream cheese kimbab’ and ‘tuna mayo kimbab’ make me question the ‘healthy’ part. But they do actually have a veggie soymeat kimbab which is pretty awesome for us veg-heads. It includes egg though, so vegans can just ask them to leave the egg out.

Front counter and menu~ They also have other ‘bunshik’ menu items like ra-bbokki and ddeokbokki, etc.

According to this, they use 100% brown rice, no additives, low fat and salt, and Korean meat and local kimchi.

Sometimes I’ll also get the 주니어김밥 which is the junior-sized kimbab. It has less rice so it’s not as big but it still has all the fillings. I find the kimbab to be a little on the bland side, but it’s nice to go every once in a while and get some healthier vegan kimbab without having to explain that fish cake and ham are not vegetables.

Directions to Robot Kimbab in Noksapyeong:
Noksapyeong Station, line 6, Exit 2. Walk out the escalators and walk straight down the hill. Take the underpass and come out of the stairs on the right side. Walk a block and turn left at Chans Bros coffee. It’s a few shops up, on your left.


  1. yay. i live right by here and had written it off as part of “the new fancy”, but this post made me check my judgies! i’ll have to give it a try soon ^^ thanks.

  2. Hi Mipa! I’ve just come across with your blog and I’m already in love with it! I’m from the other side of the world (From Argentina) and even though we are from different parts of the globe it’s curious to see how similar our vegan lifestyles are! I mean, I’m about to start a bilingual blog on vegan cooking and when reading yours I find lots of things I had in mind or that I’d love to write about (and of course I enjoy reading).
    You’re lucky to have all the variety available in your country! Also, it’s super interesting to see how the everyday life is there in South Korea. Unfortunately the situation here is quite different. It’s not a struggle but there are some difficulties when trying to buy vegan food or when eating out. Still, with a little imagination and creativity everything’s possible.
    I’ll keep on reading your blog! Thanks for the recipes, ideas and stories!

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