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End of 2014 Random eats and shenanegans!


I’m still here! Alive and kicking~


Haha, I think I am officially the worst blogger. *cringe* The gaps between real blog posts are getting longer and longer… But it’s a new year (Oh, btw, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!), so with a fresh mind, I’m sitting my ass down to bang out one last Random Eats post about 2014. Get ready for a lot of old pictures…. Especially if you follow me on Instragram, I’m sure you’ve seem most of these pics before. Bear with….

So… going all the way back to mid-November….

Remember when the ginko leaves were gorgeous and yellow for like a minute, before winter really started? sigh.

There was a lot of fall-inspired desserts, like sweet potato pie…

Pumpkin pie…

And the vegan thin mints made a triumphant return for the holiday season~~

Oh, and I turned 31 in November! Officially into my 30s. Yup. Right up in there. I’ve never really been into huge birthday celebrations (normally just dinner with a few close friends) because I can’t deal with all the attention. And I feel pressure to make sure everyone is having a good time. But this year I ended up having a joint birthday party with my staff Ye since our birthdays are a few days apart. We planned this hippie themed dress up party and it was so much fun. Haven’t laughed so much and so hard in a really long time. Definitely grateful for my friends… This past year so many of my closest friends left and went back home. So I was feeling a bit abandoned and lonely for a while. I really miss everyone. But I realized that I still have some really good friends left and new people are constantly coming into my life and stirring things up! LOve it.

And one of my friends made her first vegan cake, just for my birthday! It was carrot cake with a vegan cashew-based frosting– dense, very flavorful, and also completely delicious. For her first vegan cake attempt, it was damn good~ Well done Esther!

My good friend Dele adopted a husky!!! I got to meet javi the husky and he’s sooo chill~~ he’s pretty skinny from living a pretty hard life at the shelter, but my friend is definitely gonna take good care of him now and fatten him up a bit. He’s got such a loving forever-home now and will live a comfortable life. I really want to adopt a dog soon….. But I’m always concerned about how Bunny would react to it or whether I even have time to take good care of it.

And then Thanksgiving week was a complete whirlwind. We had a whole thanksgiving menu at PLANT, all week long~ with homemade tofurkey, mashed potatoes, mushroom gravy, herby lentils, cranberry sauce, kale mixed green salad, and hearty whole grain seed bread on the side.

It was a lot of prep every day! Definitely one of the busiest weeks in Plant history. Haha. We were so grateful for so many people who came to celebrate thanksgiving with us. It especially means a lot when customers come and share their lives with us and allow us to be a small part of their lives. It’s honestly the most gratifying thing about what I do.

Oven-roasted tomatoes, soon to be turned into….

Tomato Soup! We’ve been on a bit of a soup kick at the shop lately. The weather just calls for it.

And on another week, we had tortilla soup with vegan qusadillas.

Mapo Tofu with a ton of brocolli.

The Christmas/Holiday season was a complete blur. Not that it was that busy at the shop, but there was just so much going on in terms of social events and holiday shopping, birthdays, and also making a trip to Cheonan.

Christmas dinner at Cheonan. Vegan soy bulgogi, doenjang jjigye, and vegan kimchi. Homemade Korean food is the best.

Bunny “helping” me hang up Christmas lights in my apartment. I had to keep an eye on her so she wouldn’t snip through the cord with her teeth! I can’t even count how many earphones she has bitten through.

Flower Gin! This place is an adorable teeny tiny shop that sells (can you guess….) flowers and also serves gin tonics! It’s a bar, but also a flowershop, whattt. The lady who owns the shop is really nice and the service is great. Infact, that’s where I got my flower-crown made, for my hippie birthday party. The drinks there are great too. I like how she puts a small rose in each drink, as well as thin cucumber slices. It’s a great spot to get a drink with a girl friend, or if you’re a guy, take your lady friend there on a date–she would be impressed and it will give you a chance to show of your feminine side. ;) Flower Gin is in Noksapyeong, one of the last shops on the main street, past Baker’s Table and Paco Loco.

8 Pieces up the street in HBC.
Grabbed some dinner at 8 Pieces the other night cuz my friend and I were craving pizza. Not a whole lot special about this place… They have a brick oven and a vegan pizza on their menu. It doesn’t have any special topping~ just tomato sauce, onions, olives, and fresh baby greens on top.

The crust is crispy and thin which is how I like my pizza crusts.

Brunch at Il Gattino, also in HBC, which used to be called ‘Good to Go’. They just changed the name, but it’s pretty much the same brunch food during the day, and then for dinner, apparently they have a different Italian food menu which I’ve heard is pretty good. I usually get the Roasted Veggie & Hummus Sandwich with avocado. I’m not 100% sure about whether the bread is vegan though….

Last but not least, PLANT got its second consecutive Blue Ribbon Survey award (award? certificate? not sure what to call it exactly, haha) for the upcoming year 2015. I don’t really take these things seriously, but it’s just a nice stamp of approval… it’s good to know we’ve been selected and acknowledged by the public in this way. :) More than anything, I’m really grateful for all the support of fans, blog readers, customers, vegan, non-vegans, haha. everyone.

2014 has been such an incredible year of growth for me. I never thought I’d be running a cafe/restaurant as a sole business owner, but here I am, and I’m so thankful. Ofcourse, there are days when I feel like I’m stuck in a rut and I consider shutting the whole thing down and running away to a remote island, but the majority of the time, I love what I do and I’m loving life. There were so many big decisions to make and fears to overcome this year, but I’m proud of the leaps of faith I’ve taken. And I couldn’t have done it without the support and encouragement of my closest friends (you know who you are), my family, and my business mentors. I also met some incredible people this year… customers who have turned into my closest friends, and employees who have become like my right hand. I love you guys. 2014 was one to remember, but I’m excited for what 2015 will bring. Hopefully more growth, a solid vision for the future of Plant, and more amazing friendships formed. Hello 2015!!


  1. I don’t follow you on Instragram so all these photos were new to me.

    And now I’m drooling.

  2. It’s so good to have you back. 새해 복 많이 받으세요! I seriously want to visit Korea just for your shop (I left the year you came back). You are living my dream, good on you.

  3. wooot to getting your consecutive blue ribbon! wish i could have seen you for the holidays!! miss you sis..and so proud of you for running plant on your own in 2014! excited to see what 2015 has in store for you :D

  4. I am coming to Seoul in October, so I am really happy to find this blog. I was thinking I might have a lot of trouble eating as a vegan. :).

  5. I so understand about the posting. My last post was September of last year and before that April of 2013! So, I too have sat down teach myself how to design my space on the net and this thing moving again.

    I love your blog and I long to eat everything at Plant! Everything in me is pushing me to your country. I know that you are trying find a way to get away more, yet something there is calling me like a beacon. One of my goals are to learn to speak Korean. I desire deeply to know your language intimately and speak it as easily as I speak English. I watch Korean news, informational programs, Running Man, and The Return of Superman online in Korean in order to surround myself with Korean to the point that I hear Koean everywhere I go. I even shop at a Korean market here in Orlando (The City of Magic – The City Beautiful – O-Town) where the store owners and employees speak to me in limited Korean, knowing that I am not fluent. I listen in on conversations all throughout the store, picking up on bits and pieces of what’s said. It’s so weird, yet I love it. I only wish that I could join in as well. Sometimes I get asked where I’m from in South Korea only to tell the person that I am not Korean :(

    I wish that I were there in Seoul, I’d would visit and taste everything you make. Also, I’m on the lookout for anything and everything Korean Macrobiotic. Does that exist? That is the direction I’m taking my blog. If you know of anything, please let me know. I’m in the process of redesigning my blog, however like you, I must get back in the flow of things and make a post, lol. I love your pictures, they always get me excited for the next thing you’ll create. Please don’t get me started on your art. What you do display on your is beautiful. I’m working on getting to the level you are with your blog, at least to create my life through my web presence. I’ve been learning from you. I don’t plan on opening a restaurant or anything like you have accomplished. I am creating a way for me to be able to make money and travel at the same time while teaching those who will pay to learn about vegan lifestyle, vegan Korean cuisine, and Korean Macrobiotics (if I can find out anything about it). I have always love Korean food. I find it to be very similar to Lousisana (where I’m origianally from) cuisine and I have had success in the past with combining the two cuisines. I will be adding those recipes and picetures of each dish soon.

    I’m so glad to see you back online again. I know that you’re busy. Please don’t beat yourself up for not posting often. You’re serving up some tasty morsels at Plant. We can check you out there. Have a great New Year and please continue to shine. Love and Light.

  6. My mouth is watering *u*

    I wish I could go to South Korea someday and try out all this delicious vegan food!

    I’m a longtime lurker/reader of your wonderful blog. I check back here all the time to read up on wonderful eats and recipes (and animals!! Bunny is adorable.) I’ve made the eggless egg salad, mixed veggies with cilantro, quick and easy kimchi and japchae! As you can see, I’m all for the quick, minimal-fuss recipes ;)

    As a longtime vegetarian and relatively new vegan, I find that your blog is a really great read that also makes me hungry haha. Thank you so much for writing and helping me, and so many others, expand our food horizons!

    ♥ Bee from the Unicorn Sanctuary blog ♥

  7. As always, your photos and stories are great. :D

  8. 프랜트 카페의 음식을 보고 싶어요!

  9. Hi how are you, I miss your blogs please write again if your not busy. You are such an inspiration to me. I’m trying to go vegan just small steps at a time.

  10. Awhile back I ordered some baked goods from your site…is this a thing of the past? I want to order some goodies for someone, but the page isn’t working. please let me know!

  11. Hi Mipa!

    When are you coming back to I miss your posts and beautiful photos of food! Hope to see you write another post soon!

    • Hi Mipa,
      echoing what Madonna wrote, it would be great to see new posts again sometime. I’m a long way away from South Korea but my partner is Korean and blogs like yours can show that living a vegan lifestyle is not completely ‘alien’ to Korean culture ;)

      Wish you well in whatever you are doing!

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