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  1. Good for you! Super cool. :)

  2. Hey Beautiful Vegan Woman, I really, really, really love your site!!! For many years, I have been a vegetarian trying oh so very hard to become a vegan. Getting there – slowly! Your site sure does make it look easy. I wanted to email you, but instead I thought I’d write here because I’d like to reach as many vegetarians/vegans as I can. My housekeeper/best friend is OMG – THE WORLD’S BEST VEGAN INDIAN FOOD COOK BAR NONE!!!! SERIOUSLY, I AM DYING FOR HER FOOD RIGHT NOW! She is from Thailand and she’s a mix of Thai/Indian and Pakistani. She also cooks Thai food. Well, actually, I think the woman can cook anything! Her vegan dishes are amazing!! The meateater in my house is turning vegan and doesn’t even know it!! If anyone, anyone at all is interested in trying Ida’s food (and why wouldn’t you be? ^^), please drop me a line and I’ll put you in touch with her. Thank you for taking the time to read my long message. Anne Marie ^^

  3. Hi, do you hold vegan cooking class? I am interested in learning and baking vegan cakes for my family. If you do or have any information to learn it in seoul ( prefer yongsan area), please share it with me. Thank you :))

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