Alien's Day Out

December 18, 2012
by Mipa

Christmas time is here~

With Christmas only a week away, things are getting super busy around here, but in a good way! I’m the kind of person that needs to stay busy otherwise I’ll start going crazy, so I’m really grateful for that. I … Continue reading

August 21, 2012
by Mipa

Purple cake, Snacks, Bunny, and more~

Many thanks for all the kind comments about the Botton cafe blog post, and also to everyone who has gone to check the cafe out in person. :) I’ve heard from the Botton ladies that they have been so happy … Continue reading

July 21, 2012
by Mipa

High Street Market: new vegan options!

The last time I visited High Street Market was back in March, and since then, they have made some noticeable changes and improvements to their shop that I think are worth blogging about. One thing I really love about HSM … Continue reading

March 14, 2012
by Mipa

High Street Market in Itaewon

Finally got to visit High Street Market a few weeks ago. Even though it’s been open for over a year now, I only just got around to checking it out! Slow poke. They’re most well-known for their gourmet deli section … Continue reading