Alien's Day Out

June 18, 2012
by Mipa

Alien’s Day Out in San Francisco (Pt 1)

My San Francisco trip was so awesome and packed with yummy eats and amazing sights, that I need to split it into two parts. I’m only going to be able to share a small portion of all my photos! I … Continue reading

December 25, 2011
by Mipa

Have yourself a merry vegan Christmas~

Happy Christmas! I had a wonderful weekend, hanging out with dear friends, being with family, and gobbling up lots of homey eats. On Friday, Chris was hosting a small Christmas appetizer & dessert potluck, so I got busy in the … Continue reading

November 29, 2011
by Mipa

Turkey-free Thanksgiving 2011

I know my Thanksgiving meal blog post is a bit late, but the past few days have been a bit cr-razy. Lots of things going on and the other day my oven decided to crap out on me while I … Continue reading

November 29, 2010
by Mipa

Turkey-free Thanksgiving Potluck 2010

I realize that I may be one of the last people to blog about their thanksgiving meal, but better late than never! On Saturday, a group of old and new friends got together at my humble abode for a lovely … Continue reading

October 8, 2010
by Mipa

Cafe Mano’s Tofu (dubu) Cake

I visited Cafe Mano again this week! This coffee shop has become one of my regular spots for being productive. Ofcourse, the fact that it’s so vegan-friendly is the number one reason why I like to go there. I get … Continue reading

April 23, 2010
by Mipa

Spring Strawberries!

As a kid growing up in Ghana and Ivory Coast, I was deprived of strawberries. I don’t have those standard childhood memories of eating strawberry pie, strawberry shortcake, or going strawberry-picking with the family (my fruit memories include mangoes, papaya, … Continue reading

March 5, 2010
by Mipa

Mini Me Banana Cream Pies

I’m so ready for spring! The cold weather has been loosening up a bit lately, and last week was gorgeously sunny. Having warm sunshine on my face makes me feel like anything is possible. This week, I had a bunch … Continue reading

January 17, 2010
by Mipa

Vegan Coconut Lime Pie

Last month, my mom visited me in Seoul, and we decided to try baking a vegan coconut lime pie- something neither of us had ever attempted, vegan or not. I had a few limes on me from the Foreign Food … Continue reading

November 29, 2009
by Mipa

When I say ‘Pumpkin,’ You say ‘Pie’

I baked a tofu pumpkin pie the other day for Thanksgiving, and it turned out pretty awesome. I used the recipe from that I used one time before. I’ve only tried one other vegan pumpkin pie recipe, so I … Continue reading

October 6, 2009
by Mipa

VMF Day 5: Hardly-No-Apple Pie

Bunny eyeing me pie A few weeks ago, I watched the movie ‘The Waitress’ with Keri Russell. If you haven’t seen that movie, you should. Not because the movie itself is particularly life-changing or anything (although I did enjoy it), … Continue reading