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  1. Hey Mipa! We got stuff on the day before yesterday and it was gone this morning! Really delicious pumpkin and zucchini breads and the assortment of cookies was amazing! We shared a few bites with some of our customers at our restaurant and they loved your baked goods, too. You’ll have to send more business cards the next time we order, because everyone wants to know where they can get some. We were also impressed with the timeliness of the delivery and the wonderful packaging. Definitely suitable for giving as a gift. You do really nice work and we’ll be ordering again soon. Thanks!

  2. Hello Mipa,

    Just wanted to drop by and tell you how delicious and amazing your Pumpkin bread was~
    Definitely ordering again :)

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  4. Hi I am lactose intolerant and wondered if you baked plain sandwich bread with out milk or knew where I could buy it in Seoul. Cheers!

    • You can check the Bakeries with vegan bread on the ‘Veg Restaurants’ tab at the top of the page. They all have vegan bread options.

  5. Hi Mipa, this is GREAT~!!!
    I’m Jackie who loved your ginger cookies and came up to said hello at WBC event.
    My contact will be 010-9333-6488/
    I hope I could be a help.

  6. Hi Mipa!
    I’m from Singapore and am very excited to say I’m making a trip to Seoul in May!!! (^^)
    I’ve always wanted to try your baked goodies since I started reading your blog! :D
    Hence I want to know if High Street Market and Botton Cafe are stocked daily with your cakes, cookies and treats because I need to plan my trip. (: Or is there any particular day when you will deliver your goods?
    Oh and I also want to know how long can your baked goods last, or if they keep longer in the fridge/freezer cos I really wanna bring some back too!

    • Hi Chenxi,
      Thank you for your comment! High Street Market and Botton Cafe are stocked twice a week. If you plan on buying larger amounts, I suggest going to High Street Market. Or, you could place an order directly through the bake shop site, and I can have it delivered to your hotel (or wherever you’re staying). Cookies are best eaten within a week, and muffins and breads within about 4 days. You can freeze them and then defrost when you want to eat. Then they will last up to several weeks in the freezer. :) Hope that helps!
      Safe travels,

  7. how to get to ur location? Seems ur map doesnt work

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  9. Hello! I received my delivery today and here’s a candid(?!) review ^^

    But first, I must say that a preconception of mine has been thrown out the window.
    To me, ‘all things vegetarian’ equaled ‘dam-bek’ (no appropriate word in English),
    and although the pics of the bread didn’t look dam-bek at all, I was expecting a dam-bek taste.
    But after one bite I was like “Wow, Mipa is really generous on the ingredients! ^^ ”
    The taste was really rich, and delicious as well.

    Another thing… I thought I would be able to eat one loaf of bread in two bites… ^^;;
    but, how should I say this.. the bread was really “packed”, and I was full after eating just 1/2. hehe

    But the thing I liked the most was seeing my name handwritten instead of typed.
    It was full of jung-gam(warmth), a really nice personal touch. ^^

    Oops, actually the thing I liked THE most was being able to receive my delivery before Memorial Day ^^

    One suggestion for the review corner… it would be nice if pics could be uploaded, so that potential buyers
    can see how ggam-jjik(cute??) the delivery package and handwriting is. hehehe

    Anyway, thank you for making such delicious AND healthy bread. ^^

  10. Hi :)
    Just a small question!

    Could you let me know what kind of soy milk you use when you make vegan bakings?
    because most soy milk in Korea includes animal ingredient, and only Yonsei organic soy milk and Soy caffe are vegan product. Your answer will be helpful for me and i really wish to try your goodies :)

  11. Hi! I love the look of your bakery and am seriously hoping to drop by to buy some baked goods.. This page says its ‘moved’ but the link won’t work for me right now, do you think you could let me know the location of your bakery? Much love x

  12. The link to your bakery isn’t working. I’m guessing you don’t deliver anymore. Please email to let me know if you still do. I stopped by your restaurant for the first time today but would rather make an order if possible.

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